Tezpur University and Government of BTR Unite for Progress and Development

Correspondent Correspondent
Wednesday, June 28, 2023
Tezpur University and Government of BTR Unite for Progress and Development
Delighted to witness the momentous occasion of the official signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Tezpur University and the Government of Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR). 

TEZPUR: The ceremony, graced by the esteemed presence of the Honorable Governor of Assam, Shri Gulab Kataria, and the respected Vice Chancellor of Tezpur University, Prof. Shambhu Nath Singh, marks a significant milestone.

This event signifies a remarkable leap forward in fostering collaboration and synergy between Tezpur University and the Government of BTR. The MoU establishes a framework for mutual cooperation and exchange of knowledge in various fields of academia, research, and development. It sets the stage for a fruitful partnership aimed at advancing education, innovation, and socio-economic growth in the region.

The involvement of dignitaries like Governor Gulab Kataria and Vice Chancellor Prof. Shambhu Nath Singh adds prestige to this auspicious occasion. Their presence underscores the importance of this collaborative endeavor and highlights the commitment of both Tezpur University and the Government of BTR to promote excellence and progress in the region.

This historic step not only strengthens the bonds between academic and goverment but also paves the way for transformative initiatives. By harnessing the collective expertise and resources of Tezpur University and the Government of BTR, this partnership has the potential to drive impactful research, skill development programs, and the implementation of innovative solutions to address the region's challenges.

The MoU signing signifies a shared vision of progress, inclusivity, and sustainable development. It embodies the spirit of cooperation and underscores the commitment to leverage knowledge and expertise for the betterment of society. This collaboration is a testament to the collective determination to create a conducive environment for growth and advancement in the Bodoland Territorial Region.

As the ink dries on this significant agreement, the future holds immense promise for Tezpur University, the Government of BTR, and the communities they serve. Together, they embark on a journey of discovery, innovation, and social upliftment, empowering generations to come and shaping a brighter future for the region.