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IITs and DU Share Best Practices at Amrit Kaal Conference 2023 for Future Education

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Sunday, August 27, 2023
IITs and DU Share Best Practices at Amrit Kaal Conference 2023 for Future Education
Transforming Education in India: Key Discussions at Amrit Kaal Conference 2023.
Date- 11 July 2023

In a recent conference focused on the sub-theme of 'Plans and actions items for Amrit Kaal,' esteemed experts gathered to discuss the future of education and the steps being taken to ensure a high standard of learning. During this session, Professor Rajat Moona, the Director of the Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar (IITGN), and Professor Yogesh Singh, the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Delhi (DU), shared valuable insights and best practices from their respective institutions.

One of the key highlights of the discussion was the emphasis on delivering high-quality education for the next 25 years. Professor Rajat Moona and Professor Yogesh Singh acknowledged the importance of continuous improvement and the need for educational institutions to adapt to the changing times. They stressed the significance of nurturing leadership skills among students to prepare them for the challenges of the future.

Addressing the conference, Shri T. G. Sitharam, Chairman of the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), shed light on the new initiatives aimed at supporting students and faculty in technical institutions. These initiatives were designed to enhance the overall learning experience and ensure that students receive the necessary guidance and resources to excel in their chosen fields.

The discussions at the conference revolved around the implementation of best practices from IITs and DU, two prestigious institutions known for their academic excellence. The experts highlighted the importance of incorporating innovative teaching methods, promoting research and development, and fostering a conducive learning environment.

One of the main focal points was the utilization of technology in education. The experts stressed the significance of integrating modern tools and platforms to enhance teaching and learning outcomes. By leveraging technology effectively, educational institutions can bridge the gap between theory and practical application, providing students with a more holistic learning experience.

Additionally, the experts recognized the need for collaborative efforts between academia and industry. They emphasized the importance of establishing strong industry-academia partnerships to align curriculum with industry requirements, promote internships and practical training, and facilitate job placements for students.

The conference served as a platform for valuable discussions and knowledge-sharing, with participants actively engaging in conversations to shape the future of education in India. The collective efforts of the academic community, along with the support of government bodies like AICTE, are instrumental in driving positive change and ensuring the provision of high-quality education that prepares students for the challenges of tomorrow.

Overall, the discussions at the 'Plans and actions items for Amrit Kaal' sub-theme session highlighted the commitment of educational institutions and governing bodies to foster excellence in education. By implementing best practices, embracing technology, and nurturing leadership skills, India's educational landscape is poised to evolve and thrive in the coming years.