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Meghalaya Education Symposium Celebrates Top-Scoring Students in a Grand Ceremony

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Friday, July 14, 2023
Meghalaya Education Symposium Celebrates Top-Scoring Students in a Grand Ceremony
Meghalaya Government Honors Outstanding Students at Education Symposium.

Guwahati, July 14, 2023: In a bid to enhance the quality of education in Meghalaya, the state government organized a special ceremony at the Meghalaya Education Symposium in Shillong to recognize the outstanding achievements of the highest-scoring students from the Meghalaya Board of School Education.

The event, which took place at the Shillong International Centre for Performing Arts and Culture, witnessed the presence of Chief Minister Conrad K. Sangma and Rakkam A. Sangma, the Cabinet Minister for the Department of Education, who bestowed tokens of appreciation upon the deserving students.

The Meghalaya Education Symposium, an initiative led by the government to uplift the educational infrastructure, saw the participation of esteemed dignitaries and heads of educational institutions from Shillong.

In his opening speech, Chief Minister Conrad K. Sangma expressed his delight in hosting a diverse range of attendees, including cabinet colleagues, government officials, educators, and influential figures. He emphasized the government's dedication to revamping the state's education system, ensuring that the dynamic youth population of Meghalaya receives the finest opportunities for a comprehensive and purpose-driven approach to their development. Several reforms have been initiated, such as the implementation of a Youth Policy, upgrades to primary school facilities, the establishment of Eklavya Model Residential Schools (EMRS), and the creation of Peoples Colleges to deliver high-quality higher education in rural areas. The government has also prioritized digital learning by providing students with digital tablets.

The Meghalaya Education Symposium served as a platform for meaningful discussions and collaborations among leaders, educators, and stakeholders in the education sector. It facilitated the exchange of innovative ideas to formulate a comprehensive plan for the future of education in Meghalaya. The Chief Minister congratulated the highest-scoring students and highlighted the significance of healthy competition in nurturing their achievements in their respective fields.

Through the symposium, the government actively sought suggestions and recommendations to continuously enhance the higher education system, demonstrating its commitment to promoting inclusive and high-quality education for all students in Meghalaya.