Amit Shah Addresses Lok Sabha on Manipur Viral Video Incident

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Thursday, August 17, 2023
Amit Shah Addresses Lok Sabha on Manipur Viral Video Incident
Home Minister Amit Shah Expresses Disappointment Over Manipur Viral Video

New Delhi: Amit Shah, the esteemed Home Minister, addressed the Lok Sabha today, expressing his concern and disappointment over the recently surfaced "Manipur Viral Video" incident. The incident, which has garnered nationwide attention, has been described by Shah as "a very unfortunate incident and a shame for society."

Shah began his address by questioning the timing of the video's release, raising concerns over its emergence just before the commencement of the Parliament session. He emphasized that if anyone possessed the video earlier, they should have promptly submitted it to the Director General of Police (DGP), enabling immediate action to be taken. The Home Minister underscored the urgency of such matters and indicated that swift action could have been initiated on the very day the incident occurred, which was May 4.

"We have identified all those nine people and arrested them," Shah informed the Lok Sabha, reassuring the nation that the government was taking the necessary steps to address the situation. His visit to Manipur, lasting three days, allowed him to oversee the situation firsthand and make crucial decisions to restore normalcy to the region.

During his stay in Manipur, Shah stated that significant decisions were taken to ensure the safety and security of the state. One notable action he highlighted was the deployment of Paramilitary forces in the area. This strategic move aims to establish a sense of normalcy in Manipur and create an environment of stability and peace.

The Manipur Viral Video incident has raised concerns not only about the incident itself but also about the timing of its release. Amit Shah's address in the Lok Sabha reflects the government's commitment to addressing such issues promptly and ensuring the safety and well-being of the citizens.

As the nation awaits further updates on the incident and its aftermath, it is clear that the government is determined to restore calm and order in Manipur, while also advocating for responsible sharing of information to prevent such incidents from derailing the functioning of the Parliament and the country as a whole.