Amit Shah to Replace PM Modi for Mizoram Campaign as Election Date Approaches

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Sunday, October 29, 2023
Amit Shah to Replace PM Modi for Mizoram Campaign as Election Date Approaches
Dynamic Shift in BJP's Election Strategy as Amit Shah Steps Up for Mizoram
New Delhi, India - 29 October, 2023: In a recent development, Union Home Minister Amit Shah is set to replace Prime Minister Narendra Modi for a campaign trip to Mamit, Mizoram, in preparation for the upcoming state assembly elections on November 7. This change comes after PM Modi's planned visit to the region was canceled.

Johny Lalthanpuia, the state BJP media convener, confirmed that Amit Shah would be taking on the campaign responsibilities, although the exact date for his campaign is yet to be decided. Lalthanpuia did not provide any specific reasons for the cancellation of PM Modi's visit.

Additionally, senior BJP leader and Union Minister Nitin Gadkari is expected to campaign in Mizoram on Monday, further indicating the party's strong commitment to the upcoming elections.

Amit Shah's campaign will include visits to Mamit and the southern part of the state. The BJP is particularly focused on securing the support of linguistic minority communities such as the Chakma, Bru, Mara, and Lai populations residing in the southern region of Mizoram.

The BJP, which had contested 39 seats in the last assembly polls in 2018, has put forth 23 candidates for the upcoming elections. The party has made notable promises in its manifesto, released by BJP President JP Nadda. These pledges include a commitment to provide 33 percent reservation for women in government jobs and a resolution to the longstanding border dispute with Assam, among other significant commitments.

As the election date draws near, the political landscape in Mizoram remains dynamic, with parties actively campaigning and addressing crucial issues that resonate with the people of the state. Amit Shah's involvement in the campaign underscores the significance of these elections for the BJP and its strategies to secure support and make inroads in Mizoram's political landscape.