Massive YABA Drug Bust in Silchar: Joint Operation by Cachar Police and BSF

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Friday, October 13, 2023
Massive YABA Drug Bust in Silchar: Joint Operation by Cachar Police and BSF
Joint Operation Yields 2,60,000 Packets of YABA Tablets, a Major Blow to Drug Traffickersq
Silchar, Assam - October 13, 2023: In a significant joint operation, the Cachar Police and the Border Security Force (BSF) successfully intercepted a vehicle entering Katakhal, Silchar from a neighboring state, resulting in the seizure of a staggering 2,60,000 packets of YABA tablets. This operation, shrouded in secrecy, marks a major milestone in the ongoing efforts to combat drug trafficking in the region.

YABA, a powerful and illegal synthetic drug, has been a growing concern in the region due to its highly addictive nature and the social issues associated with its abuse. The successful operation conducted by Assam law enforcement agencies is a testament to their commitment to curbing this menace.

The clandestine operation, carried out with meticulous planning and coordination between the Cachar Police and the BSF, was executed with precision. The intercepted vehicle, presumably carrying the contraband from a neighboring state, was closely monitored and tracked by the authorities.

Upon inspection, the vehicle was found to be loaded with an astounding 2,60,000 packets of YABA tablets, which have an estimated street value in the millions. This significant seizure will undoubtedly disrupt the illegal drug supply chain and thwart the nefarious activities of those involved in the illegal drug trade.

The successful operation received praise and commendation from various quarters, including the Assam Police and the Border Security Force. Both organizations have been relentless in their efforts to combat drug trafficking and maintain law and order in the region.

Commenting on the operation, an Assam Police spokesperson stated, "This joint operation reflects our commitment to eliminating the menace of illegal drug trafficking. We are determined to maintain the safety and security of our citizens."

The Border Security Force also issued a statement acknowledging the achievement, saying, "Our partnership with Assam Police has proven to be highly effective in securing our borders and combating illicit activities. This seizure is a significant victory in the fight against drug trafficking."

The investigation is ongoing, with authorities working to uncover the full extent of the drug trafficking network and bring those responsible to justice. The successful operation sends a clear message that law enforcement agencies in the region are resolute in their mission to protect the community from the harmful effects of drug abuse and illegal drug trade.

The interception of 2,60,000 packets of YABA tablets in Silchar stands as a remarkable accomplishment in the battle against drug trafficking, highlighting the unwavering dedication of the Cachar Police and the Border Security Force in safeguarding the well-being of the region's citizens.