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Prime Minister Modi and Mary Millben: A Meeting of Minds, Hearts, and Music

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Saturday, August 26, 2023
Prime Minister Modi and Mary Millben: A Meeting of Minds, Hearts, and Music
Mary Millben: A Symbolic Reference Point of God's Glory
Renowned international artist Mary Millben recently took to Twitter to express her profound purpose and gratitude following her performance for His Excellency Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his Official State Arrival Visit to the United States. Millben, who considers herself a "glory carrier," believes that she carries the essence of God's glory wherever she goes, serving as an ambassador of heaven, an advocate for global good, and a representative of the American dream.

In her heartfelt tweet, Millben emphasized her commitment to using her voice and platform to share the love of God and reflect His majesty. She described her performance for Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a milestone in her humble career, stating that the experience would forever hold a special place in her heart.
Millben highlighted the shared values and common bonds between herself and Prime Minister Modi, including strong faith, strong family ties, and a firm determination to uphold the principles of freedom. However, she pointed out that both she and the Prime Minister go beyond personal connections; they symbolize God's blessings of opportunity in their respective journeys. Millben represents the American dream, while Prime Minister Modi embodies the aspirations of the Indian dream. Together, they serve as beacons of democracy, liberty, opportunity, and equality.

Expressing her gratitude to Prime Minister Modi, the Steering Committee for the Official State Visit, and all those involved in her performance, Millben also expressed her immense appreciation for the overwhelming love and support she received from people around the world in the days following the event.

Millben's message to her followers is one of encouragement, urging them to dream big, pursue their aspirations relentlessly, and always believe in God as the source of all success and opportunity. She humbly considers herself a mere carrier of God's glory, emphasizing that her achievements are a reflection of His greatness.

The tweet was accompanied by a photo from the Office of His Excellency Prime Minister Narendra Modi's media team, further solidifying the significance of the occasion. Millben's performance for Prime Minister Modi serves as a testament to the power of art and music in fostering cultural exchange and diplomacy between nations.

As Mary Millben continues to make strides in her career, it is evident that she remains devoted to her purpose of being a symbolic reference point of God's glory. Her unwavering faith and commitment to using her talent for the greater good exemplify the profound impact that individuals can have on the world stage.