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Amit Shah's Clarifies Importance of ED's Role in Fighting Corruption

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Tuesday, July 11, 2023
New Delhi
Amit Shah's Clarifies Importance of ED's Role in Fighting Corruption

The Minister highlights the significance of the ED's mission and dispels misconceptions

In a recent tweet, Amit Shah, the Union Minister, has addressed the reactions to the Supreme Court's decision on the ED case, emphasizing the importance of the institution in combating corruption and enforcing the law. Shah's statements seek to clarify the key points and dispel misconceptions surrounding the case.

The Minister first points out that the amendments to the CVC Act, which were duly passed by Parliament, have been upheld. This implies that the legislative changes aimed at empowering the ED to effectively tackle corruption remain intact.

Shah then emphasizes that the powers of the ED to target those involved in corruption and illegal activities remain unchanged. The ED is an institution that operates independently of any individual and is committed to investigating offenses related to money laundering and violations of foreign exchange laws.

The Minister further highlights that the identity of the ED director is of secondary importance. Regardless of who assumes this role, the focus remains on exposing the rampant corruption within a privileged group of entitled dynasts who hinder development with their anti-development mindset.

Shah's tweet serves as a reminder that the ED's mandate goes beyond personal affiliations and individual personalities. Its primary objective is to uphold the law, fight corruption, and ensure that those who engage in illegal activities are held accountable.

The Minister's statement reinforces the government's commitment to eradicating corruption and promoting transparency in the country. It also emphasizes the need for a collective effort to build a corruption-free society.

As the discussion surrounding the ED case continues, Amit Shah's tweet provides valuable insight into the institution's role and clarifies its significance in the fight against corruption. It serves as a reminder that the ED's mission transcends the identity of any single individual and remains focused on its core objective of upholding the law and preserving the integrity of the nation.