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Arunachal Pradesh Shines at 5th Junior National Boxing Championship: CM Pema Khandu Congratulates the Victorious Team

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Sunday, July 16, 2023
Arunachal Pradesh
Arunachal Pradesh Shines at 5th Junior National Boxing Championship: CM Pema Khandu Congratulates the Victorious Team
Team Arunachal Pradesh Clinches 1 Gold, 3 Silver & 2 Bronze Medals at Junior National Boxing Championship
The state of Arunachal Pradesh has emerged victorious at the recently concluded 5th Junior National Boxing Championship held in Itanagar, garnering an impressive haul of medals. Chief Minister Pema Khandu expressed his heartfelt congratulations to the entire team for their exceptional performance and dedication.

The team from Arunachal Pradesh showcased their remarkable boxing skills, securing 1 Gold, 3 Silver, and 2 Bronze medals in various weight categories. Their outstanding display of talent and sportsmanship has not only brought glory to the state but has also demonstrated the immense potential that lies within the region's budding boxing talent.

In addition to the medal wins, Team Arunachal Pradesh was also honored with the prestigious Team Fair Play Award, recognizing their exemplary conduct and adherence to the spirit of the sport throughout the championship. This commendable achievement reflects the values of discipline, integrity, and respect instilled in the athletes by their coaches and mentors.

The state's boxing prowess was further acknowledged as Arunachal Pradesh received the Best Boxer and Best Coach Awards. These accolades are a testament to the tireless efforts of the athletes and the guidance provided by their dedicated coaches who have honed their skills and nurtured their talent.

CM Pema Khandu extended his heartfelt appreciation to the victorious team, emphasizing their dedication, perseverance, and hard work that contributed to their remarkable success. He commended the athletes for their unwavering commitment to the sport and encouraged them to continue shining in their future endeavors.

The Chief Minister's message of support and encouragement resonates with the aspirations of the young boxers, inspiring them to aim higher and achieve greater heights in their sporting careers. The success of Arunachal Pradesh's boxing contingent not only brings pride to the state but also serves as an inspiration for the entire sporting community.

As Arunachal Pradesh continues to nurture and promote its budding sporting talent, the government remains committed to providing the necessary infrastructure, training facilities, and support systems to enable athletes to excel at the national and international levels. The recent achievements in boxing serve as a testament to the state's growing prominence in the sporting arena.

With their outstanding performance, Team Arunachal Pradesh has set a shining example for aspiring athletes in the state. The Chief Minister, along with the entire community, extends their warmest wishes to the victorious athletes and hopes that their success will inspire more youngsters to take up boxing and other sports, thus further elevating the state's sporting prowess on the national stage.

Congratulations to Team Arunachal Pradesh on their remarkable achievements, and may they continue to bring glory to the state in future competitions.