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Assam Prioritizes Academic Growth by Implementing Free Text Book Scheme

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Thursday, July 06, 2023
Assam Prioritizes Academic Growth by Implementing Free Text Book Scheme
State Empowered Committee Allocates 222.36 Crore for Free Text Book Distribution.

ASSAM, 6 July 2023: State Empowered Committee, along with the Chairmen of SEBA, AHSEC, and Textbook Corporation, recently held a crucial meeting to discuss the implementation of the Free Text Book scheme. This initiative aims to provide quality educational resources to students across the state. In an effort to support the academic growth of our young learners, a budget of 222.36 crore has been allocated for the distribution of books to a staggering 59.24 lakh students in the upcoming academic year of 2023-24.

The meeting, presided over by esteemed officials, focused on strategizing the efficient execution of the Free Text Book scheme. By ensuring that students have access to necessary learning materials, the initiative seeks to promote a conducive learning environment that fosters knowledge acquisition and intellectual development.

The State Empowered Committee, in collaboration with SEBA (Secondary Education Board of Assam), AHSEC (Assam Higher Secondary Education Council), and the Textbook Corporation, aims to optimize the allocation and distribution process to reach students in a timely manner. By streamlining logistical operations and establishing a transparent framework, the committee endeavors to maximize the impact of this educational endeavor.

Recognizing the significance of free textbooks in facilitating equal opportunities for all students, the allocated budget will be utilized to procure high-quality educational resources. The books will cover various subjects and academic levels, catering to the diverse educational needs of the state's student population.

The Free Text Book scheme is a vital step towards reducing educational disparities and empowering students from different socio-economic backgrounds. By eliminating the financial burden associated with purchasing textbooks, the initiative strives to create an inclusive educational system that nurtures the potential of every child.

As the implementation of the scheme progresses, the State Empowered Committee will closely monitor the distribution process, ensuring that every student receives their textbooks promptly. Through collaboration with educational institutions and administrators, the committee seeks to address any challenges that may arise and maintain a smooth and efficient distribution mechanism.

By investing in the educational growth of our students, the State Empowered Committee, SEBA, AHSEC, and the Textbook Corporation are taking a significant stride towards building a knowledge-driven society. The Free Text Book scheme, with its noble intent and dedicated efforts, aims to equip every student with the necessary tools to excel academically and embrace a brighter future.