Dr. Preeti Aghalayam Becomes First Woman Director of IIT Madras

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Wednesday, July 12, 2023
Dr. Preeti Aghalayam Becomes First Woman Director of IIT Madras
IIT Madras to Commence Classes in Zanzibar, Tanzania in October 2023
The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras campus in Zanzibar, Tanzania, is set to commence classes in October 2023. Excitingly, Dr. Preeti Aghalayam will be the first woman Director-in-charge for IIT Madras Zanzibar, marking a significant milestone as the first woman director of IIT.

Dr. Preeti holds a BTech degree from IIT Madras and has been a part of the institution since 2010, initially as a teacher and currently as a Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering. Her expertise and dedication have earned her this esteemed position. The new IIT campus in Zanzibar will be known as IIT Madras at Zanzibar. In its inaugural year, the campus will offer two courses starting in October 2023.

Classes are scheduled to commence on October 24, and interested candidates can apply for the program until August 6, 2023. IIT Madras at Zanzibar will have 50 seats available for undergraduate (UG) programs and 20 seats for postgraduate (PG) programs. The selection process will be conducted meticulously to identify the most deserving candidates.

Dr. Preeti Aghalayam is not only an accomplished Professor at IIT Madras but also a marathon runner and a blogger. Her research interests include underground coal gasification, reduction of automotive NOx, reduction of large reaction mechanisms, and reactor modeling. Additionally, Preeti has co-authored articles on various topics such as modeling the effects of non-uniformities from urea injection on SCR performance using CFD and modeling the effects of inlet manifold design on diesel oxidation catalytic converter performance, among others. Her contributions to academia and research are highly regarded.

Prior to her role at IIT Madras, Preeti gained valuable experience as a faculty member in post-doctoral research at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Cambridge and IIT Bombay. As the Dean of the School of Science and Engineering and Director of the IIT Madras Zanzibar Campus, she will spearhead academic administration, collaborate with international students, and establish fruitful research partnerships.

The launch of IIT Madras at Zanzibar is a significant milestone for the institution, and the appointment of Dr. Preeti Aghalayam as the first woman Director-in-charge exemplifies the institute's commitment to diversity and inclusivity. With her extensive knowledge, experience, and passion for education, Dr. Preeti is well-positioned to lead and shape the future of IIT Madras Zanzibar. Students and researchers alike can look forward to an exceptional learning experience under her guidance.