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Guwahati's Sprawling Badminton Stadium Signals a Bright Future for the Sport

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Friday, July 07, 2023
Guwahati's Sprawling Badminton Stadium Signals a Bright Future for the Sport
Guwahati is quickly becoming a prominent hub for badminton in India. Boasting a sprawling stadium spanning 8 acres, which is among the largest in the country, this impressive facility was constructed at a cost of ₹118 Crore.

GUWAHATI: Guwahati is rapidly establishing itself as one of India's premier destinations for badminton enthusiasts. The city's remarkable progress in the sport is attributed to the construction of a massive badminton stadium, which covers an expansive area of 8 acres. Notably, this stadium is among the largest and most impressive in the entire country.

Investments totaling ₹118 crore were allocated for the development of this state-of-the-art facility, reflecting the city's commitment to promoting and nurturing badminton talent. With its extensive seating capacity of 3,553 spectators, the stadium provides an ideal setting for hosting high-profile badminton events and tournaments, attracting players and fans alike.

The emergence of such a remarkable badminton center in Guwahati is a testament to the city's dedication to sports and its recognition of the growing popularity of badminton in India. The construction of this stadium signifies a significant milestone in the development of the sport, as it offers top-notch infrastructure and facilities to players and spectators.

The impact of this magnificent stadium extends beyond just its physical structure. Its presence has sparked renewed enthusiasm and motivation among badminton enthusiasts in Guwahati and the surrounding regions. It serves as a symbol of aspiration and a platform for nurturing and showcasing the talents of local players.

As Guwahati continues to gain prominence as a badminton hub, it is expected to attract more national and international tournaments, bringing the city into the limelight of the global badminton community. The stadium's impressive facilities and capacity will undoubtedly contribute to raising the profile of the sport in the region, inspiring more young individuals to take up badminton and pursue excellence in their athletic endeavors.

Overall, Guwahati's emergence as an exceptional badminton center with its sprawling stadium serves as a testament to the city's commitment to sports and its ambition to become a prominent destination for badminton in India.