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Higher Marks Awarded to Tripura Board Students: Re-evaluation Results

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Friday, July 14, 2023
Higher Marks Awarded to Tripura Board Students: Re-evaluation Results
Higher Marks Awarded to Tripura Board Students after Re-evaluation.
Agartala, July 14, 2023: The Tripura Board of Secondary Education (TBSE) has announced that a significant number of students from Class 10 and Class 12 in Tripura have received higher marks following the re-evaluation of their board examination answer scripts. Out of the 3,478 applicants, a total of 1,415 candidates have been awarded higher marks.

Among the Class 10 students who applied for a review of their 4,760 subjects, 811 students saw an increase in their marks. Similarly, out of the 1,429 Class 12 students who requested a review of their 3,078 subjects, 604 students experienced an improvement in their marks. It is important to note that as per TBSE President Dr. Bhabatosh Saha, the review process allows a maximum of three subjects to be evaluated.

In addition to the Class 10 and Class 12 students, three students from Madrassa Fazil (Higher Secondary) also applied for a review and witnessed an increase in their marks.

For students who remain dissatisfied with their reviewed marks, they have the option of choosing self-inspection. This process, scheduled for July 18, allows students to personally view their answer scripts. Each subject will require a payment of Rs 250, as specified by the board president.

TBSE President Dr. Bhabatosh Saha also shared information about the upcoming 'Bochor Bachao' examination, which aims to prevent students from losing an entire academic year. The retest will be conducted between August 2 and 11. So far, the board has received applications from nearly 2,000 Class 12 candidates and approximately 5,000 Class 10 students for the 'Bochor Bachao' scheme. It is anticipated that more applications will be submitted in the coming days.

Under the state government's 'Bochor Bachao' initiative, students who have scored at least 150 marks out of five subjects but have failed to secure a passing grade in a maximum of three subjects are eligible to participate in the re-examination, thereby avoiding the loss of an entire year.

TBSE Secretary Dulal Dey stated that most students who applied for a review saw an increase of only one mark in the subjects they selected for re-evaluation. He further explained that Class 12 students primarily requested a review of Bengali, Political Science, and Chemistry, while Class 10 students focused on Maths Basics, resulting in a slight improvement of one mark.

Students will be able to access their reviewed marks on the TBSE website starting from Friday. Following this, they are required to submit their mark sheets and certificates to their respective schools, and the schools must send these documents to TBSE by Saturday.