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Law Commission Of India on UCC..

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Friday, July 14, 2023
Law Commission Of India on UCC..
Law Commission Responds to Public Interest, Extends Deadline for Feedback on Uniform Civil Code (UCC)
The Law Commission of India has announced an extension of two weeks for the submission of views and suggestions on the topic of Uniform Civil Code (UCC). This decision comes in response to the overwhelming response from the public and numerous requests received from various quarters, seeking additional time to provide their comments on this important matter.

The Uniform Civil Code is a significant issue that has been widely debated and discussed in the country. It pertains to the idea of having a common set of civil laws that applies to all citizens, irrespective of their religion or personal beliefs. The Law Commission, as the apex body responsible for legal reforms, is keen on gathering comprehensive feedback from stakeholders and the public on this subject.

The initial deadline for submitting views and suggestions on the Uniform Civil Code had generated immense interest and engagement from individuals, organizations, and groups across the country. Recognizing the importance of obtaining diverse perspectives and ensuring widespread participation, the Law Commission has decided to grant a two-week extension for stakeholders to share their insights and recommendations.

This extension will provide individuals and organizations with additional time to deliberate on the intricacies and implications of the Uniform Civil Code. It allows for a more inclusive and comprehensive feedback-gathering process, enabling stakeholders to express their opinions, concerns, and suggestions in a well-considered manner.

The Law Commission's decision to extend the deadline is a testament to its commitment to an inclusive and participatory approach in formulating legal reforms. By granting more time for public comments, the Commission acknowledges the significance of public opinion in shaping policies that have far-reaching implications on the lives of citizens.

Stakeholders, including legal experts, religious and community leaders, scholars, and concerned citizens, are encouraged to actively participate in this process by submitting their views and suggestions. Their contributions will play a crucial role in shaping the discourse surrounding the Uniform Civil Code and ensuring that all relevant perspectives are taken into account.

The Law Commission aims to collect a wide range of insights and recommendations on the Uniform Civil Code, with the objective of fostering a comprehensive understanding of the subject. It recognizes that the implementation of a Uniform Civil Code requires careful consideration, balancing diverse cultural, religious, and personal beliefs while upholding the principles of justice, equality, and gender rights.

The extended deadline provides an opportunity for stakeholders to engage in informed discussions, conduct research, and consult with relevant stakeholders to present their well-thought-out views and suggestions. The Law Commission anticipates a robust and fruitful exchange of ideas that will contribute to the formulation of balanced and inclusive recommendations.

The Law Commission of India remains committed to ensuring transparency, inclusivity, and broad-based participation in the lawmaking process. The extension of the deadline for public comments on the Uniform Civil Code reflects its responsiveness to public demand and its dedication to soliciting inputs from all sections of society.

Stakeholders and concerned individuals are encouraged to take advantage of the extended timeline and actively contribute to the ongoing discourse on the Uniform Civil Code. Their inputs will shape the future direction of legal reforms, promoting harmonious coexistence, social justice, and equality under the law.