Manipur Police and Central Security Forces Join Forces to Ensure Peace and Normalcy

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Sunday, July 09, 2023
Manipur Police and Central Security Forces Join Forces to Ensure Peace and Normalcy
Manipur Police Conduct Extensive Search Operations and Demolish Bunkers to Ensure State's Safety

Manipur: Manipur's State Police, along with Central security forces, launched a large-scale search operation in vulnerable and fringe areas. The operation targeted locations such as Langza area hilltop near Khoijumantabi, the eastern and western Chinglangmei Hill range in Churachandpur district, Ukha Tampak, Phuaisanphai, Moirang Turel Mapal Ward No. 9, and Phougakchao Ikhai Awang Leikai in Bishnupur district. Additionally, Sokom Village, Nazareth Village, Keiphom Village, Sahumphai Village, and Khunbi Bazar areas in Kakching Districts were also part of the operation. These efforts aim to eliminate miscreants and restore peace and normalcy in the state.

Destruction of Bunkers:
In a significant development, a combined team of Manipur Police and Central Security Forces successfully demolished a total of 33 bunkers in Kangpokpi and Bishnupur Districts within the past 24 hours. This proactive measure ensures the removal of potential hiding spots for criminals and contributes to enhancing the overall security of the regions.

Rigorous Checking at Nakas/Checkposts:
To strengthen security measures, approximately 126 Nakas/Checkpoints were established throughout different districts of Manipur, encompassing both the hill and valley areas. These checkpoints serve as crucial points for thorough inspections and monitoring. As a result of the intensified security measures, a total of 351 individuals have been detained across various districts of the state for violations and suspected unlawful activities.

Efforts towards Restoration of Peace:
The ongoing search operations and stringent checking procedures demonstrate the commitment of Manipur Police and Central security forces to restore peace and normalcy in the state. By targeting vulnerable areas and conducting thorough inspections, law enforcement authorities aim to eradicate miscreants and maintain a secure environment for the residents of Manipur.

The recent search operations conducted by Manipur Police, in collaboration with Central security forces, have intensified efforts to ensure the safety and well-being of the state's residents. With the destruction of 33 bunkers and the establishment of numerous checkpoints, security measures have been bolstered to detect and deter potential criminal activities. The proactive approach of the authorities showcases their dedication towards restoring peace and tranquility in Manipur. Through continued vigilance and comprehensive operations, Manipur Police aims to create a secure and stable environment for all its citizens.