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Prime Minister Modi to Attend Bastille Day Celebrations as Guest of Honour in Paris

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Thursday, July 13, 2023
Prime Minister Modi to Attend Bastille Day Celebrations as Guest of Honour in Paris
PM Modi Embarks on Paris Visit to Strengthen Bilateral Ties and Foster New Opportunities.
Delhi, India - Prime Minister Narendra Modi left Delhi Airport today to participate as the Guest of Honour in the Bastille Day celebrations in Paris. The visit aims to reinforce the strong bilateral relationship between India and France while exploring avenues for enhanced cooperation and collaboration in various sectors. PM Modi is scheduled to engage in productive discussions with President Emmanuel Macron and other esteemed French dignitaries. Additionally, he will interact with the Indian community residing in France and engage with top CEOs to promote trade and investment opportunities.

The Bastille Day celebrations hold significant importance for France, marking the French Revolution and the values of liberty, equality, and fraternity. As the Guest of Honour, PM Modi's presence demonstrates the deep-rooted friendship and shared values between India and France.

During the visit, PM Modi is set to engage in fruitful discussions with President Macron to strengthen bilateral ties across multiple domains. The leaders will explore opportunities to deepen cooperation in areas such as defense, economy, technology, and climate change. These discussions aim to foster closer collaboration between the two nations, paving the way for mutual growth and progress.

In addition to diplomatic engagements, PM Modi will also engage with the Indian community in France. This interaction serves as an opportunity to connect with the diaspora and address their concerns while recognizing their valuable contributions to strengthening India's global image.

Furthermore, PM Modi will engage with top CEOs of French companies and Indian business leaders to explore avenues for investment and promote economic partnerships. These interactions aim to showcase India's potential as an attractive investment destination and create mutually beneficial opportunities for both countries.

The visit to France underscores India's commitment to strengthening its ties with key strategic partners across the globe. Through diplomatic engagements, community interactions, and business collaborations, PM Modi's visit aims to foster a closer bond between India and France, benefiting both nations and creating a platform for sustained growth and development.

As the visit progresses, it is anticipated that several agreements and initiatives will be announced, further solidifying the robust partnership between India and France. The visit also highlights the shared vision of the two nations in addressing global challenges and their commitment to building a peaceful and prosperous world.

PM Narendra Modi's visit to Paris for the Bastille Day celebrations signifies the importance India places on its relations with France. Through fruitful discussions with President Macron, engaging with the Indian community, and fostering business partnerships, the visit aims to strengthen bilateral ties and open new avenues for collaboration. The visit holds great significance in enhancing India's presence on the global stage and fostering mutual growth and prosperity between the two nations.