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Red Alert Issued in Diphu Town as Dengue Cases Spike, Areas Under Close Watch

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Friday, July 07, 2023
Karbi Anglong
Red Alert Issued in Diphu Town as Dengue Cases Spike, Areas Under Close Watch
Efforts Underway to Combat Dengue Outbreak in Diphu Town
Diphu: The rising number of Dengue cases in Diphu town has raised concerns among residents, prompting authorities to take preventive measures to curb the spread of this mosquito-borne disease. The Joint Director of Health & Family Welfare, National Health Mission, and the local Municipality have implemented various strategies to address the situation.

Official reports indicate that out of the 796 confirmed cases, 271 individuals have tested positive for Dengue and are currently receiving treatment at private health centers and clinics. Among them, 18 patients have been admitted to the Diphu Medical College and Hospital.

To tackle the situation, four areas of Diphu town, namely Birla, Harilal Basti, Shiv Bari, and Panbari, have been put on Red Alert as these regions have reported the highest number of Dengue cases. Sadly, Mrs. Rohila Teronpi lost her life to Dengue infection at the Diphu Medical College and Hospital last Sunday.

Concerns have been raised by residents of Diphu regarding the heavily polluted Diphu River, which flows through the town. They question why the authorities have not taken steps to clean the river and its banks, as it could be a significant source not only of Dengue but also other vector-borne diseases.

"Diphu was already infamous for Malaria in the past, and now Dengue has become a menace in the last two years. I hope the authorities focus not just on Dengue but also on overall health and hygiene," expressed a senior citizen of Diphu.

The authorities at Diphu Medical College and Hospital have urged people to get their blood tested and obtain medicine from the hospital if diagnosed with Dengue. A spokesperson for the medical college stated that they are fully equipped to conduct blood tests and have an adequate supply of medicine and necessary treatments. The spokesperson also emphasized the importance of maintaining cleanliness and dryness in the surroundings, along with following measures to control the spread of Dengue.

Due to the summer break, all schools and colleges in Diphu are currently closed, providing a temporary respite to authorities as they do not need to enforce closures to prevent a Dengue outbreak among children.

Officials from the Assam Mission Directorate have visited the affected areas in Karbi Anglong district to assess the situation and provide necessary support to the local team in controlling the outbreak. "The situation in Karbi Anglong is being closely monitored, and all preventive measures are being taken to combat the situation," stated a representative from the National Health Mission.