Tripura CM Dr. Manik Saha Applauds "Neshamukt Tripura" Campaign as Major Drug Seizure Takes Place Seize Rs. 1.5 Crore Worth of Phensedyl

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Tuesday, July 04, 2023
Tripura CM Dr. Manik Saha Applauds "Neshamukt Tripura" Campaign as Major Drug Seizure Takes Place Seize Rs. 1.5 Crore Worth of Phensedyl
Tripura CM Dr. Manik Saha Lauds Success of "Neshamukt Tripura" Campaign as Tripura Police Achieve Another Major Drug Seizure
Agartala, Tripura:  In a resounding endorsement of the "Neshamukt Tripura" campaign, Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha took to Twitter to announce the fruitful outcomes achieved thus far, largely due to the active participation of the dedicated Tripura Police. The relentless efforts to combat the drug menace in the state have yielded promising results, as evidenced by the recent seizure of a substantial consignment of Phensedyl worth an estimated Rs. 1.5 crore.

Under the vigilant supervision of the Tripura Police, a truck carrying a staggering 19,575 bottles of the illicit substance was intercepted and seized under the jurisdiction of the Ambassa police station. In connection with the operation, law enforcement authorities have successfully detained one individual for further investigation.

Expressing unwavering commitment, Chief Minister Saha reiterated the government's resolute determination to transform Tripura into a drug-free state. The proactive steps taken by the administration, in collaboration with the diligent efforts of the Tripura Police, continue to send a strong message to drug peddlers and users that their illegal activities will not be tolerated.
The "Neshamukt Tripura" campaign, launched with the primary objective of eradicating the drug trade in the state, has been gaining significant momentum. It has garnered substantial support from both the government and the public alike. The campaign's multifaceted approach encompasses comprehensive awareness programs, stringent law enforcement measures, and rehabilitation initiatives to ensure a holistic strategy in the fight against drugs.

The recent seizure serves as a testament to the effectiveness of the campaign, serving a blow to the criminal networks involved in drug trafficking. The Tripura Police's unyielding dedication and tireless efforts in implementing the campaign have played a pivotal role in these successes.

As the government's vision of a drug-free Tripura continues to materialize, the people of the state have been given renewed hope for a brighter and safer future. The commitment demonstrated by Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha and the active participation of the Tripura Police serve as a beacon of inspiration in the battle against drugs.

With each successful operation, Tripura inches closer to realizing its goal of a society free from the clutches of drug abuse. As the campaign gains further traction and more stakeholders join hands, it is anticipated that the scourge of drugs will be eradicated, paving the way for a prosperous and drug-free Tripura for generations to come.