Act Fast! Digitize Your DLs and RCs to Avoid Penalties, Urges Assam Government

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Monday, August 07, 2023
Act Fast! Digitize Your DLs and RCs to Avoid Penalties, Urges Assam Government
Assam Government Pioneers Digital Transformation for Vehicle Documentation
A One-Time Opportunity for Vehicle Owners and License Holders

The Assam Government is taking a giant leap towards modernizing its vehicle documentation system. In a recent breakthrough, the government has opened a one-time opportunity for all vehicle owners and driving license holders in the state to transition from manual paper-based Driving Licenses (DLs) and Registration Certificates (RCS) to a digital format. This revolutionary move, which came into effect on August 1, is aimed at completing the digitization process within the next three months.

Act Now for a Smooth Transition

To encourage a seamless shift, authorities are urging vehicle owners to take prompt action and digitize their old paper-based documents. Failure to do so within the given time frame may lead to inconvenience and penalties. After the three-month deadline, using non-digitized DLs and RCs will be considered invalid, and offenders will face penal action in accordance with the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act and Rules.

Simple Steps for Digitization

To facilitate the digitization process, vehicle owners must follow these straightforward steps:

Step 1: Apply for backlog data entry online at or visit the nearest Common Service Centres (CSCs) and complete Aadhaar authentication. During this step, they need to upload a copy of the original manual DL/RC for verification purposes.

Step 2: Choose the relevant Licensing and Registering authority of Assam, which issued the respective DL/RC.

Step 3: Once approved, the digitized data will be made available in the SARATHI/VAHAN portals, as applicable.

Step 4: After successful digitization, DL/RC holders are required to apply online for RC/DL renewal if necessary and ensure timely payment of any pending Motor Vehicle Tax, Fees, Fines, etc.

A Chance Not to Be Missed!

This is an excellent opportunity for vehicle owners to embrace the digital age and steer clear of potential complications in the future. Take action now to keep your documents up-to-date and valid. The government is steadfast in completing the digitization process within the next three months, so don't miss this golden chance!