All Assam Government Employees Unite in Two-Day Strike

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Tuesday, August 22, 2023
All Assam Government Employees Unite in Two-Day Strike
All Assam Government NPS Employees Demand Restoration of Old Pension Scheme with Two-Day Strike
In a significant development, the All Assam Government NPS Employees’ Association (AAGNPSEA) has announced a two-day strike, scheduled for August 22 and 23, in their pursuit to reinstate the Old Pension Scheme (OPS) and abolish the National Pension Scheme (NPS). This decision comes amidst growing discontent among government employees in Assam regarding the NPS, which they argue fails to secure their retirement adequately.

Achyutananda Hazarika, the president of the AAGNPSEA, highlighted the core objective of pension schemes, stating, "Pension is a service, and the primary aim is to ensure retired government employees lead a dignified life. The NPS was introduced in Assam back in 2005, prompting numerous protests against its implementation. Notably, five other states have already reinstated the OPS. We firmly believe that the Assam government should follow suit. Sadly, our appeals have largely fallen on deaf ears. State government employees continue to voice their dissatisfaction with the NPS, emphasizing the urgent need to revive the OPS for a secure retirement."

The decision to call for a strike was the result of a joint meeting held on July 9, where representatives from 55 organizations, including teachers, employees, and various associations, reached a consensus to stage the protest on August 22 and 23. Hazarika added, "We plan to submit a memorandum outlining our demands to both the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister, channeling it through the offices of district commissioners across Assam."

Hazarika further emphasized that the strike has garnered significant support from various organizations, notably the All Assam Heads of the Department Ministerial Officers’ Association, the All Assam District Administration Employees Association, the All Assam Transport Employees Association, the All Assam Primary Teachers Association, the Northeast Railway Mazdoor Union, the State Employees Federation, the Joint Council of Trade Unions, the All Assam High School Teacher Association, the University Employees Association, and many others.

This strike is expected to draw attention to the concerns of Assam's government employees and generate a broader discourse on the viability and fairness of the current pension system. As the AAGNPSEA and its supporting organizations rally behind their cause, the fate of the OPS in Assam remains uncertain, pending a response from the state government.