Assam: BJP MP Leader Resigns Amid Delimitation Dispute

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Saturday, August 19, 2023
Assam: BJP MP Leader Resigns Amid Delimitation Dispute
Rajen Gohain Steps Down from Key Position
Nagaon, Assam: In a striking political move, the highly esteemed BJP leader, Rajen Gohain, has resigned from his prominent role as the Chairman of the Assam Food and Civil Supplies Corporation. This decision follows his vehement protest against the recent delimitation of the Nagaon Lok Sabha constituency, a matter he believes could spell electoral difficulty for the BJP.

A Voice Unheard

In his resignation letter addressed to Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, Mr. Gohain underscored his deep-seated concerns about the delimitation process, noting that his discussions with Mr. Sarma have borne no fruitful results. While refraining from naming specific individuals, Mr. Gohain stressed the imperative of preventing the concentration of absolute power within the party's state unit, as per reports from news agency PTI.

Worries for Nagaon Lok Sabha Constituency

Mr. Gohain's correspondence to the Chief Minister illuminated his apprehensions regarding the ramifications of the delimitation. He argued that the recent alterations render the Nagaon Lok Sabha constituency "unwinnable for BJP candidates in the future" and may even imperil the constituency's demographics. Despite numerous rounds of dialogue with Chief Minister Sarma, Mr. Gohain expressed dismay at the lack of resolution to his concerns.

Frustration at the Highest Level

Further emphasizing his apprehension, Mr. Gohain revealed that he had also conveyed his reservations to Home Minister Amit Shah, who had requested his recommendations in written form. However, this avenue, too, proved futile. Mr. Gohain stated that he felt "betrayed and almost disrespected" by his party leaders, given the gravity of his concerns for the party's well-being.

The Weight of Experience

Mr. Gohain's decision to relinquish his cabinet-rank post was a momentous one. He highlighted his quarter-century dedication to the party and his four consecutive terms representing the Nagaon Lok Sabha seat over two decades. He underlined that his extensive experience and unwavering dedication should have held sway in addressing the security and identity concerns of his constituents.

Unequal Treatment in Delimitation

While discussing the delimitation process, Mr. Gohain commended the handling of assembly constituencies, regarding them as sound and secure for the indigenous population. However, he voiced his dissatisfaction with the treatment of the Nagaon parliamentary constituency, which, he believes, has inadvertently favored opposition parties.

Rajen Gohain's resignation has ignited fervent political discourse regarding the ramifications of the delimitation exercise in Assam and the potential electoral hurdles it may pose for the BJP. The political landscape in the region stands poised for change, and the future actions of Mr. Gohain and the BJP leadership remain shrouded in uncertainty.