Assam's Amrit Brikshya Andolan Aims for Nine Guinness World Records in Epic Tree Planting Initiative

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Tuesday, August 29, 2023
Assam's Amrit Brikshya Andolan Aims for Nine Guinness World Records in Epic Tree Planting Initiative
Assam's Amrit Brikshya Andolan Sets Sights on a Thriving Tree-Based Economy

Preparations in Full Swing:HCM Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma Reviews Mega Program

Guwahati, Assam: A remarkable environmental movement is set to transform Assam's landscape as the Amrit Brikshya Andolan takes root, marking a bold step towards a tree-based economy. With a vision to create a sustainable future, this monumental initiative will see the planting of over 1 crore commercial tree saplings on September 17.

Under the watchful gaze of Honorable Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma, preparations for this historic event are in full swing. Yesterday, the Chief Minister personally reviewed the arrangements for the mega program, underscoring the government's commitment to this noble cause.

The Amrit Brikshya Andolan aims to secure Assam's environmental legacy by planting an astounding 1.39 crore seedlings, a testament to the state's dedication to nature preservation. To ensure the success of this endeavor, Stocking Point Coordinators have been meticulously finalized to oversee the distribution and planting process.

However, what truly sets this initiative apart is the ambitious attempt to set not one but nine Guinness World Records. These records span various facets of the tree plantation effort, showcasing the magnitude and fervor of the Amrit Brikshya Andolan:

1. Largest Line/Spiral of Saplings: A breathtaking display of unity and dedication.
2. Largest Number of Saplings Distributed in a Day at One Venue: An achievement that symbolizes the collective willpower to protect our environment.
3. Most Trees Planted in 1 Hour: A testament to the efficiency and determination of the participants.
4. Most Trees Planted in 24 Hours: An enduring commitment to nature conservation.
5. Most Team Planted in 1 Hour by a Team of 100: Teamwork at its finest, demonstrating the power of collective action.
6. Largest Planted Tree Mosaic: An artistic expression of Assam's dedication to a greener future.
7. Largest Photo Album of People Planting Trees: A visual testament to the community's engagement.
8. Most Pledges Taken to Plant Trees and to Protect Them: A promise to nurture and safeguard the newly planted saplings.
9. Largest Nature Conservation Lesson Online/Offline: An educational endeavor to inspire future generations.

The Amrit Brikshya Andolan is more than a tree-planting campaign; it signifies Assam's commitment to fostering a tree-based economy that balances economic growth with environmental stewardship. It is a rallying cry for citizens to join hands and be a part of this monumental journey towards a greener, more prosperous Assam.

This September 17, Assam will not only set world records but also set an inspiring example of environmental conservation and sustainable development for the world to follow.