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CM Himanta Biswa Sarma Proudly Declares Cricketer Uma Chetry as Assam's Pride and Gifts ....

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Tuesday, August 08, 2023
CM Himanta Biswa Sarma Proudly Declares Cricketer Uma Chetry as Assam's Pride and Gifts ....
Assam CM Extends Generous Gift to Cricketer Uma Chetry as a Token of Appreciation and Encouragement

Golaghat, Assam:Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma added a touching chapter to the story of cricketer Uma Chetry's achievements on August 7, not only by praising her accomplishments but also by presenting her with a generous gift of INR 10 lakhs on behalf of the people of Assam. The gesture, an embodiment of appreciation and encouragement, exemplifies the state's commitment to recognizing and nurturing exceptional talent.

Addressing a gathering in Golaghat on the auspicious occasion of National Handloom Day, Chief Minister Sarma reaffirmed Uma Chetry's standing as a true beacon of inspiration. He remarked, "Uma Chetry, a dedicated member of the Indian Cricket team, has accomplished feats that have brought immense pride to Golaghat and Assam. Today, I am delighted to announce that, on behalf of the people of Assam, we are extending a heartfelt gift of INR 10 lakhs to Uma Chetry as a token of our appreciation and to encourage her to continue her remarkable journey."

Chetry's inclusion in the senior Indian cricket team, with her name listed in the squad for the upcoming Bangladesh tour, marks an epoch-making moment for Assam. She becomes the first cricketer, regardless of gender, to represent Assam at this esteemed level. Her relentless dedication, perseverance, and passion for the sport have catapulted her into the national limelight, making her an inspiration for aspiring athletes across the region.

The presentation of the monetary gift serves as a symbolic representation of the state's admiration and support for Uma Chetry's achievements. It signifies not only the government's acknowledgment of her hard work and success but also its commitment to nurturing and promoting sports talent in Assam. The gesture sends a resounding message that Assam stands united in celebrating and fostering excellence in sports.

Uma Chetry's journey from the cricket fields of Assam to the international arena is a testament to the potential that lies within the state's young athletes. The INR 10 lakhs gift is a reflection of Assam's belief in her capabilities and a token of gratitude for the pride she has brought to the state.

As the cricket sensation continues her preparations to represent the nation on the international stage, the Chief Minister's thoughtful gift resonates as a powerful symbol of Assam's encouragement, recognition, and unwavering support. It is a gesture that resonates not only with Uma Chetry but with all the aspiring athletes who strive to achieve greatness.

The legacy of Assam's sports heroes, including Uma Chetry, continues to inspire the state's youth to dream big and chase their aspirations with determination. As she embarks on her journey to represent the country, Uma Chetry carries with her the pride, hopes, and well-wishes of Assam, solidifying her status as a true ambassador of the state's sporting spirit.