Dhemaji Commerce College Controversy: Students Rally Against Principal's Alleged Alcohol Consumption on Campus

Correspondent Correspondent
Saturday, August 19, 2023
Dhemaji Commerce College Controversy: Students Rally Against Principal's Alleged Alcohol Consumption on Campus
Controversy Brews as Dhemaji Commerce College Students Protest Principal's Alleged Alcohol Consumption on Campus.
In an unexpected turn of events, students at Dhemaji Commerce College in Assam have taken to the streets in protest. The cause of their uproar. A video that has rapidly circulated online, depicting their principal allegedly consuming alcohol alongside four other individuals within the college premises.

The viral video, which emerged last Saturday, has stirred heated discussions among the student body and locals alike. In response, scores of students gathered to voice their concerns and demand accountability from the college administration. The incident has sparked a broader debate about the conduct expected from educational institutions and their leaders.

The students, visibly upset by the video, have articulated their frustration with the alleged behavior of the principal. They argue that such actions not only tarnish the institution's reputation but also set a questionable example for the students who look up to their educators. Many expressed their disappointment, asserting that educators should uphold high moral standards both inside and outside the classroom.

The protest, characterized by impassioned speeches and placards, sought to shed light on the incident's implications. Some students believe that the alleged alcohol consumption on campus could potentially compromise the overall learning environment. They assert that the college should be a place where students feel safe, respected, and motivated to excel academically.

While the college administration has yet to release an official statement, the protest has brought the issue into the public eye, prompting discussions about the importance of responsible behavior within the educational system. Local authorities have been alerted to the incident and are expected to investigate the matter further.

The incident underscores the power of social media in disseminating information and sparking public discourse. As the community awaits a formal response from the college, this incident serves as a reminder that the actions of educators carry a significant weight and can influence the lives and perceptions of the students they serve.

In the coming days, it remains to be seen how Dhemaji Commerce College will address the concerns raised by its students and the broader community. As the protest continues, it is evident that the incident has ignited a conversation about the responsibilities of educational leaders and the standards they are expected to uphold.