Gauhati High Court Intervenes as Navy Officer's MTech Admission Faces Rejection

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Monday, August 07, 2023
Gauhati High Court Intervenes as Navy Officer's MTech Admission Faces Rejection
IIT-Guwahati Faces Scrutiny Over Denial of MTech Admission to Navy Officer
Guwahati, Assam: On August 4, the Gauhati High Court took action by sending notices to the Indian Institute of Technology — Guwahati (IIT-G) and three other parties involved in a case regarding the denial of admission to an MTech course for an Indian Navy officer.

Commander Rushwan Razack, while undertaking a data analytics course at IIT-G from February to May, applied for admission to an MTech course focusing on robotics and artificial intelligence. He submitted his application under the sponsored category.

He secured a spot for the MTech interview due to his MSc degree in naval weapons from Cochin University of Science and Technology. Following the interview, he was informed that he had successfully passed.

However, his application was turned down by the dean subsequent to the recommendation from the interview panel. The reason cited was the ineligibility of holding a master's degree in naval weapons.

Despite Commander Rushwan's extensive background as a Navy officer, including his most recent role as the captain of a DRDO ship, and fulfilling all necessary prerequisites and coursework during his MSc program, the specific grounds for his rejection remained undisclosed.

Arnab Duarah, the legal representative for the Navy officer, revealed that Justice Lanusungkum Jamir presided over the hearing of Mr. Razack's case and directed notices to be served to IIT-G and the other three parties. This significant development transpired on Friday, as per The Hindu's report.

IIT-G's representatives previously refrained from commenting on the specifics of Mr. Razack's situation. It's worth noting that he is an alumnus of the National Defence Academy's 2003 batch and boasts two decades of dedicated service in his career.

Justice Lanusungkum Jamir's decision to intervene followed IIT-G's rejection of Commander Rushwan Razak's application for the MTech program. The rejection was based on the argument that his MSc degree in naval weapons did not align with the program's criteria.