Government of Nagaland Restricts Nighttime Vehicle Movement on Changtongya Longleng Road

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Friday, August 04, 2023
Government of Nagaland Restricts Nighttime Vehicle Movement on Changtongya Longleng Road
Daily Vehicle Movement Curfew Enforced by Nagaland Authorities

Longleng, Nagaland:  In a recent travel advisory issued by the Government of Nagaland, the Office of the Deputy Commissioner Longleng announced a temporary restriction on the movement of all kinds of vehicles, including Light Motor Vehicles (LMVs), along the Changtongya Longleng road. The restriction will be in effect daily from 6:00 pm to 6:00 am, commencing from 1st August 2023 until further notice.

The travel advisory comes in light of ongoing road maintenance work between Changtongya and Dikhu bridge on the Changtongya Longleng road. To facilitate the road maintenance process and ensure the safety of travelers, the authorities have imposed this restriction during the specified hours.

Alternative Route Suggested for Travelers

As the restriction affects the usual route, travelers are urged to use an alternative route during the specified timings. The suggested alternative route is as follows:

Longleng-Chingtok(IR Camp)-Netnyu-Merangkong

This alternative route is expected to provide a viable option for commuters and ensure smooth travel despite the temporary restrictions.

Compliance and Awareness

The advisory emphasizes that all travelers are obligated to comply with the directive to avoid any inconvenience and ensure the safety of everyone during the road maintenance period. Local authorities will be vigilant in enforcing the restriction and ensuring adherence to the alternative route.

Communication with Relevant Authorities

The Deputy Commissioner of Longleng has communicated the advisory to various relevant authorities for their information and necessary actions. This includes the Commissioner of Nagaland, the Deputy Commissioners of Tuensang and Mokokchung, the Superintendent of Police in Longleng, the General Manager of NHIDCL (PMU) in Mokokchung, the Sub Divisional Officer (Civil) in Changtongya, and the Project Manager of Nithin Sai Construction Ltd.

Additionally, the Deputy Commissioner's Public Relations Office in Longleng has been tasked with spreading awareness about the travel advisory to ensure it reaches a wider audience.

Public Cooperation and Understanding

The cooperation and understanding of the public are crucial during this time. By adhering to the travel advisory and using the alternative route, commuters can assist in the smooth progress of the road maintenance work and contribute to the overall safety of the region.

The Government of Nagaland remains committed to the well-being of its citizens and is taking necessary steps to ensure road infrastructures are well-maintained for safe and comfortable travel. The cooperation of the public is invaluable in making this effort successful.

Travelers and residents are advised to stay updated on any further developments or changes to the travel advisory through official government channels and announcements.