Manipur IAS Officer Suspended Amid Ethnic Unrest for Rejecting DC Role in Jiribam

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Wednesday, August 23, 2023
Manipur IAS Officer Suspended Amid Ethnic Unrest for Rejecting DC Role in Jiribam
Senior Bureaucrat Suspended Amidst Ethnic Violence in Manipur
In the midst of escalating ethnic tensions in Manipur, a senior bureaucrat finds himself suspended from duty after refusing to assume the role of Deputy Commissioner in the Jiribam district. This suspension marks a significant development in the ongoing conflict, raising questions about administrative compliance and the safety of civil officers.

Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer Ng Roben Singh faced immediate suspension under Rule 3 of the All India Service (Discipline & Appeal) Rules, 1969, as decreed by Manipur Chief Secretary Vineet Joshi. As per the suspension order, during this period, Ng Roben Singh is required to remain at the Imphal headquarters and is prohibited from leaving without prior permission from the competent authority.

The genesis of this suspension can be traced back to an earlier transfer order issued by the Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms on August 2, appointing Singh as the Deputy Commissioner of Jiribam district. However, what followed was a stark refusal to comply with this transfer order.

In a representation submitted on August 12, Singh detailed his reservations, primarily concerning the volatile communal situation between the Meitei and Kuki communities. He expressed grave concerns about working in Kuki-dominated areas, citing safety as the utmost priority for Meitei Civil Officers like himself.

Additionally, Singh underscored the substantial number of transfers he had endured throughout his career and indicated his willingness to serve as Deputy Commissioner in districts most severely affected by communal violence in the valley.

This suspension brings to light the complex dynamics at play in Manipur, where ethnic tensions have persisted for years. While administrative orders are crucial for maintaining order and governance, the safety and concerns of civil officers operating in such sensitive regions cannot be ignored. The fallout of this incident remains uncertain, with many awaiting further developments and government actions to address the root causes of ethnic strife in Manipur.