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Prime Minister Narendra Modi Addresses No-Confidence Motion

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Thursday, August 17, 2023
New Delhi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi Addresses No-Confidence Motion
Prime Minister's Response Emphasizes Governance, Gratitude, and Growth Amid Opposition Scrutiny
Date: 10/08/2024

New Delhi: In a poised response to the no-confidence motion raised by the opposition concerning the Manipur violence issue, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the house with a comprehensive statement, expressing gratitude, and emphasizing development and the country's trajectory.


PM Modi extended his gratitude to the people of the country for repeatedly trusting the government, emphasizing the importance of this faith.

He recalled a previous no-confidence motion in 2018, interpreting it as more of an opposition floor test than a test of the government. He noted that history had vindicated his stance.

 Speaking optimistically, he mentioned that no-confidence motions have historically brought positive outcomes for his party and predicted a similar record-breaking mandate.

 PM Modi expressed his regret that while the session could have been an opportunity to discuss vital bills for the welfare of the people, the opposition seemed more focused on politicking.

 Criticizing the opposition's priorities, PM Modi asserted that they seemed more interested in power struggles than addressing the needs of the people. He stated that they prioritize party over country.

 Using a cricket metaphor, he suggested that while the government was scoring runs (accomplishing goals), the opposition was delivering no-balls (unproductive efforts).

 PM Modi highlighted the opposition's lack of preparation for the debate, even disappointing its sympathizers. He reminded them that the entire country was watching.

 Noting the absence of Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, a prominent figure in the opposition, from the list of speakers, PM Modi speculated on the reasons, hinting at possible external influences.

 Returning to the core theme, he underscored the importance of prioritizing the country's development as the primary goal.

 PM Modi boasted about his government's efforts in providing a corruption-free administration to the youth and restoring the nation's pride, thus taking it to new heights.

 He reminisced about the historic win of a full majority government in 2014 after three decades, followed by an even larger mandate in 2019 due to the government's accomplishments.

 Responding to allegations about tarnishing the nation's image, PM Modi expressed confidence that the world was aware of the truth and would not be misled.

 Highlighting positive economic trends, he referred to NITI Aayog and IMF data to demonstrate that India had significantly reduced extreme poverty.

 Employing a bit of humor, PM Modi acknowledged the opposition's black clothing as a "kaala teeka," or protective charm.

 With resilience, he revealed his approach to handling abusive language from the opposition, interpreting it as motivation to work harder.

 PM Modi playfully suggested that the opposition's "secret power" had the uncanny ability to bless those they wished ill upon.

 Finally, he contrasted the opposition's past criticism of the government aerospace firm HAL with its current achievements, illustrating the company's rise to new heights of success.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's response exemplified a balance of appreciation, assurance, and a firm stance on governance. The session not only addressed the no-confidence motion but also encapsulated the government's achievements, future vision, and commitment to development.