Assam CM Announces Overwhelming Public Support for Bill to Ban Polygamy

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Saturday, September 02, 2023
Assam CM Announces Overwhelming Public Support for Bill to Ban Polygamy
Strong Public Support Emerges as Assam CM Advances Bill to Ban Polygamy
Assam, India:  In a significant development, Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has provided an update on the proposed bill aimed at banning polygamy in the state. The announcement comes after a comprehensive public consultation process, shedding light on the overwhelmingly favorable response from the public.

The Chief Minister revealed that his office had received an impressive total of 149 suggestions in response to the public notice. Among these suggestions, a remarkable 146 were in staunch support of the bill, signifying a groundswell of public backing for the proposed legislation.

The proposed bill seeks to address the issue of polygamy within the state, a practice that has been a matter of concern for both gender equality and social harmony. With the majority of public feedback backing the legislation, it appears that the state government's stance on this matter is resonating with the masses.

However, it's noteworthy that three organizations have expressed their opposition to the bill, highlighting the complexity of the issue and the diversity of opinions within the state. While the majority seems to favor the ban on polygamy, these opposing voices will undoubtedly prompt further discussions and debates as the legislative process continues.

In light of the overwhelmingly positive public sentiment towards the bill, Chief Minister Sarma announced that the government is poised to move forward to the next stage of the legislative process. This stage involves the meticulous drafting of the bill's final version, a task that is expected to be completed within the next 45 days.

The Chief Minister's commitment to addressing social issues has brought this important matter to the forefront of the state's legislative agenda. As Assam gears up to take decisive action against polygamy, it remains to be seen how the opposition's concerns will be addressed and whether the proposed bill will ultimately become law.

The coming weeks will be crucial in shaping the future of polygamy within the state, as Chief Minister Sarma navigates the complexities of lawmaking and strives to uphold the interests and values of the people of Assam.