Assam DGP GP Singh Commends Barpeta Police for Swift Recovery of Stolen Artifacts

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Friday, September 08, 2023
Assam DGP GP Singh Commends Barpeta Police for Swift Recovery of Stolen Artifacts
Stolen Treasures Restored: Barpeta Police's Timely Action Lauded
Assam, India: DGP (Director General of Police) GP Singh, a prominent figure in Assam's law enforcement, took to social media platform X to extend his compliments to the Barpeta Police for their rapid response and successful recovery of stolen artifacts. The stolen items, which included two precious idols of Lord Krishna and Radha, along with various brass utensils and temple bells, were reported missing from the Moinbori Satra in Niz Damaka, situated along NH 37 under the jurisdiction of Sorbhog Police Station in the Barpeta district.
In a tweet posted on his official X account (@DGPAssamPolice), DGP GP Singh applauded the swift detection and retrieval efforts by the Barpeta Police. He stated, "Compliments to @barpetapolice for quick detection and recovery of articles reported stolen at Moinbori Satra, Niz Damaka on NH 37 under Sorbhog PS District Barpeta. These included two idols of Lord Krishna & Radha, large and small brass utensils, temple bells etc. Well done. @assampolice @CMOfficeAssam."

The recovery of these valuable religious and cultural artifacts is a testament to the dedication and efficiency of the Barpeta Police force. The stolen items, which hold immense significance for the local community, were returned intact, bringing relief to the devotees and residents of the area.

The prompt response and successful recovery underscore the commitment of Assam Police to maintaining law and order and safeguarding cultural heritage. The DGP's acknowledgment of this achievement reflects the importance of community policing and collaborative efforts to combat crime.

This incident serves as a reminder of the invaluable role that law enforcement agencies play in preserving cultural heritage and ensuring the safety and security of citizens. It also reinforces the sense of trust and confidence that the people of Assam have in their police force.

As Assam continues to uphold its rich cultural traditions and heritage, the recovery of these stolen artifacts represents a significant victory in the ongoing battle against crime and the protection of cultural treasures.

In the spirit of unity and shared responsibility, the people of Assam join DGP GP Singh in congratulating the Barpeta Police for their exceptional dedication and commitment to serving and protecting the community. Their quick action in recovering these stolen items has not only restored faith in the law enforcement system but also reinforced the cultural fabric of the region.