Assam Government Contemplates Land Purchase Restrictions Near Batadrava Than

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Sunday, September 24, 2023
Assam Government Contemplates Land Purchase Restrictions Near Batadrava Than
Protecting the Legacy: Assam Government's Bid to Preserve Batadrava Than
BORDUA, Assam: In a significant move aimed at preserving the sanctity of historical and cultural landmarks, the Assam government is contemplating the imposition of restrictions on land transactions within an 8-kilometer radius of Batadrava Than in Bordua. This decision comes in response to mounting concerns over illegal encroachments and unauthorized land occupations in the vicinity of this revered site.

Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma expressed the government's determination to protect Batadrava Than's historical and cultural significance. The revered Batadrava Than, a pilgrimage site for followers of Saint Srimanta Sankardeva, holds immense cultural and religious importance in the region. Over the years, it has faced the threat of encroachments and unauthorized land transactions, causing distress among devotees and heritage enthusiasts.

The proposed restrictions aim to curb the unauthorized acquisition and sale of land near Batadrava Than. While the specifics of the regulations are yet to be finalized, the government is actively considering measures to prevent the further degradation of this sacred site. This initiative aligns with Assam's commitment to preserving its rich cultural heritage and promoting responsible land management.

CM Sarma stated, "We are dedicated to safeguarding Batadrava Than and ensuring that it continues to be a place of reverence and cultural significance. It is our responsibility to protect the legacy of Saint Srimanta Sankardeva and maintain the sanctity of this sacred site."

Local residents and heritage enthusiasts have welcomed the government's proactive stance on the matter. Many have expressed concerns about the encroachment on land around Batadrava Than, which they believe threatens the spiritual and cultural essence of the area. They see these proposed restrictions as a positive step toward addressing the issue and preserving the site's historical value.

The Assam government's move to regulate land transactions near Batadrava Than reflects its commitment to safeguarding cultural landmarks. As discussions and deliberations continue to shape the specifics of these restrictions, it is clear that preserving Assam's cultural heritage remains a top priority for the state administration.