Assam Government Extends Tenure of 1324 Part-Time Computer Instructors in Education Sector

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Sunday, September 17, 2023
Assam Government Extends Tenure of 1324 Part-Time Computer Instructors in Education Sector
Empowering Students: Assam's Commitment to Quality Computer Education
In a significant move to bolster the educational landscape of the state, Education Minister of Assam, Ranoj Pegu, announced on 17 Sep, 2023, via his official social media platform, that the Assam Government has unanimously decided to extend the service of 1324 Part-Time Computer Instructors working under the purview of the @SchoolEdnAssam initiative. This extension will carry their tenure through to the year 2026.

The initial deployment of Part-Time Computer Instructors stood at 1340, but over time, some individuals have chosen to leave their positions. As of now, the count of these dedicated educators stands at 1324. This decision underscores the government's commitment to improving digital education and ensuring that students across Assam receive the best possible instruction in computer sciences and related fields.

The @SchoolEdnAssam initiative has played a pivotal role in bringing computer education to government schools across the state. These instructors are responsible for imparting essential computer skills to students, preparing them for the digital age, and helping them stay competitive in an increasingly technology-driven world.

Minister Ranoj Pegu stated, "The Assam Government is fully aware of the crucial role that computer education plays in the development of our students. By extending the tenure of these Part-Time Computer Instructors, we are reinforcing our commitment to providing quality education in the field of information technology. This will undoubtedly empower our students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in today's digital society."

The move has received widespread support and appreciation from various quarters. Teachers' associations, parents, and students alike have lauded the government's decision to ensure the continuation of this vital educational program.

While the number of instructors has seen a slight reduction due to attrition, the government is actively working on recruiting and training new educators to fill these vacancies. This proactive approach ensures that students will continue to receive expert guidance in computer education without disruption.

As Assam strides toward a brighter and more technologically advanced future, the extension of the tenure of Part-Time Computer Instructors is undoubtedly a significant step in the right direction. With this decision, the state government is reinforcing its commitment to providing quality education and equipping its youth with the skills necessary to thrive in the digital age.

In conclusion, the Education Minister's announcement signifies Assam's dedication to nurturing a generation of digitally literate citizens who can contribute effectively to the state's growth and development. The extension of the tenure of 1324 Part-Time Computer Instructors is a testament to the state's investment in the future of its youth and the continued progress of its educational sector.