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Assam Surges Forward: ₹11,314 Crore Investment Deal Sparks Economic Transformation

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Saturday, September 23, 2023
Assam Surges Forward: ₹11,314 Crore Investment Deal Sparks Economic Transformation
Himanta Biswa Sarma's Vision: Assam Set to Soar with 10,000 New Jobs
In a momentous announcement, the Chief Minister of Assam, Himanta Biswa Sarma, declared a significant leap forward in the state's industrial landscape during a recent address. The CM, speaking on 23 September, 2023, expressed his optimism for Assam's economic future, highlighting the state's emergence on the radar of major investors.

"Assam is now on the radar of big-ticket investors, and my office is open 24 hours to ensure proposals translate into projects," declared the Chief Minister.

The groundbreaking declaration came on the heels of a momentous occasion where Assam inked a series of Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) worth an impressive ₹11,314 crore. These agreements are poised to not only inject a substantial financial boost into the state but also pave the way for the creation of over 10,000 job opportunities for its residents.

The MoUs, collectively amounting to a colossal investment of ₹11,314 crore, signify a resounding commitment from both domestic and international investors to bolster Assam's economic growth. Among the key players in this investment surge are:

1. M/s Kesar Petro Products: An investment of ₹2,000 crore that promises to generate 200 direct jobs and an additional 1,800 indirect employment opportunities.

2. Longspan Structures Pvt. Ltd.: A substantial investment of ₹129 crore, which is set to create 220 direct jobs and an additional 180 indirect job opportunities.

3. M/s SBL Biscuits Pvt. Ltd: Committing ₹139.14 crore, this company is expected to create 200 direct jobs and 350 indirect employment opportunities.

4. M/s Umrangshu (India) Cements LLP: With a significant investment of ₹285 crore, this venture anticipates generating 300 direct jobs and 700 indirect employment opportunities.

5. M/s Sunit Breweries Pvt Ltd: An investment of ₹151 crore, aiming to provide 200 direct jobs and 200 indirect job opportunities.

6. M/s Jericho Foods and Beverages LLP: A monumental investment of ₹410 crore, with plans to create 300 direct jobs and an additional 500 indirect employment opportunities.

These investments not only signify a boost to the state's economy but also underscore Assam's growing allure as an investment destination. The infusion of funds and job creation initiatives is expected to have far-reaching positive impacts on the socio-economic fabric of Assam.

The CM's commitment to keeping his office open round the clock to facilitate these investments sends a clear message of Assam's eagerness to welcome investors with open arms. It underscores the state's determination to streamline the investment process and make it as investor-friendly as possible.

This momentous event is a testament to the visionary leadership and proactive efforts of the Assam government in fostering economic growth and development in the state. With the signing of these MoUs, Assam is poised to take a giant leap towards realizing its full industrial potential and ensuring a prosperous future for its residents.

As these investment projects get underway, all eyes are on Assam as it embarks on this transformative journey towards industrial development. The impact on the state's economy and employment landscape is expected to be nothing short of transformative, setting a new benchmark for growth and opportunity in the region.

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