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Bhutanese Prime Minister Commends ISRO's Remote Sensing Technology Collaboration

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Tuesday, September 19, 2023
Bhutanese Prime Minister Commends ISRO's Remote Sensing Technology Collaboration
PM Expresses Gratitude for Successful India-Bhutan SAT Project
The Prime Minister of Bhutan Dr. Lotay Tshering, in a recent social media post on 19th September, 2023, expressed delight in meeting Mr. Shantanu Bhatawdekar, the Scientific Secretary of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), to discuss the advancements in Remote Sensing Technology. The Prime Minister, known for his active engagement in science and technology collaborations, extended his gratitude to Mr. Bhatawdekar and his colleagues for their commendable work in space science and the fruitful partnership in the India-Bhutan Satellite (SAT) project.

Bhutan's Commitment to Science and Technology

Bhutan, a nation renowned for its commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable development, has increasingly been focusing on harnessing the potential of space science and technology. The Prime Minister's meeting with Mr. Bhatawdekar underscores Bhutan's dedication to staying at the forefront of scientific advancements, especially in the realm of remote sensing technology.

Remote Sensing Technology: A Vital Component

Remote sensing technology plays a pivotal role in monitoring and managing natural resources, disaster management, and environmental conservation. The Bhutanese Prime Minister's interest in this field highlights its importance in addressing crucial challenges, such as climate change and sustainable resource management.

ISRO's Stellar Contributions

ISRO, often celebrated as a global leader in space science, has been instrumental in assisting Bhutan in launching and operating its own satellite, the Bhutanese-1. This collaboration has not only facilitated data collection but also opened up new avenues for scientific research and applications.

Acknowledging Success

In his post, the Bhutanese Prime Minister thanked Mr. Shantanu Bhatawdekar and his colleagues at ISRO for their remarkable work in the field of space science. He acknowledged their support and the successful partnership in the India-Bhutan SAT project, which has significantly contributed to Bhutan's capabilities in space technology.

Future Collaborations

The meeting between the Bhutanese Prime Minister and Mr. Bhatawdekar also hints at the possibility of future collaborations between Bhutan and ISRO in the realm of space science and technology. These partnerships are expected to further strengthen Bhutan's position in the global arena of scientific research and technological innovation.

The Bhutanese Prime Minister's enthusiastic engagement with ISRO's Scientific Secretary underscores the significance of international collaboration in advancing science and technology. It reflects Bhutan's commitment to harnessing the potential of remote sensing technology for the greater good and solidifying its position as a leader in sustainable development and environmental conservation. The successful India-Bhutan SAT project stands as a testament to the positive outcomes that can result from such partnerships, offering a promising glimpse into the future of scientific cooperation between the two nations.