Assam Girls Allegedly Molested by Bihar Police Constable During Educational Trip

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Monday, October 30, 2023
Assam Girls Allegedly Molested by Bihar Police Constable During Educational Trip
Railway Officials' Response Prompts Students to Take Matters Into Their Own Hands
Kishanganj, Bihar - 30 October 2023: In a shocking incident, several young women hailing from Assam have reported being subjected to molestation by a Bihar police constable during a train journey. The victims, comprising 14 female students from Biswanath College, were returning from an educational trip to Delhi and Rajasthan when the disturbing incident occurred on board the North East Express near Kishanganj railway station.

Allegedly, Bihar police constable Naveen Kumar Singh molested some of the female students while they were asleep. Their distress was heightened when the girls abruptly woke up and raised an alarm, resulting in fellow passengers apprehending the accused constable.

However, when the matter was reported to railway officials, it took an alarming turn. The students were asked to disembark at Kishanganj railway station, and no immediate action was taken against the alleged perpetrator. In response to this unsettling development, the students made the decision to alight at New Jalpaiguri railway station with the intention of delivering the constable into the hands of railway police.

Their actions, though, were met with yet another shock. Approximately 50 railway police personnel surrounded the five female students who had accused the constable, attempting to take them into custody. The railway police accused the students of unlawfully detaining the police constable.

Thankfully, after a period of tense confrontation, the railway police officials eventually relented and filed a formal complaint against the accused police constable at the NJP Railway Police Station. According to sources, the students are now making preparations for their journey to Guwahati, planning to take the Rajdhani Express.

In the midst of this distressing incident, Dr. Chintamani Sharma, the principal of Biswanath College, has called for stringent action to be taken against the alleged culprit in this case. The incident raises concerns about the safety of travelers, especially young students, and highlights the need for prompt and effective response by law enforcement authorities in such situations.