Manipur's Student Community Unites for a Better Future: Key Resolutions Adopted

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Thursday, October 19, 2023
Manipur's Student Community Unites for a Better Future: Key Resolutions Adopted
United Students' Convention Sees Six Student Organizations Join Forces
Manipur's Student Community Unites for a Better Future: Key Resolutions Adopted
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Manipur, October 19, 2023: In a remarkable display of unity and determination, six prominent student organizations in Manipur, namely AMSU, MSF, DESAM, KSA, SUK, and AIMS, came together for the "United Students' Convention" on October 19, 2023. Held at the Khuman Lampak (Imphal East Sports Complex), the convention revolved around the theme "Eikhoigi Tunglamchat Kallasi" (Let's Save our Future) and drew participation from approximately 15,000 students representing a diverse array of government and private educational institutions.

Amidst the vibrant gathering, several significant resolutions were adopted, reflecting the students' commitment to shaping a better future for Manipur. These resolutions encompass a wide range of issues that are pivotal to the state's development and the well-being of its indigenous communities.

Resolutions for a Better Manipur:

1. Rooting Out Narco-Terrorism: The students have taken upon themselves the responsibility of eradicating narco-terrorism from Manipur. This commitment stems from their unwavering dedication to safeguard the indigenous communities in the state, particularly in the face of the ongoing narco-terrorist activities that have inflicted significant harm.

2. Implementing NRC: In a quest to protect the indigenous communities against the adverse effects of foreign influx, the student bodies will persist in their demonstrations for the implementation of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Manipur. This measure aims to identify and deport illegal immigrants, ensuring the preservation of the state's demographic integrity.

3. Unity for Indigenous Communities: A resolute vow of unity and a readiness to shoulder greater responsibilities in safeguarding the indigenous communities of Manipur. The students stand united for the well-being and future prosperity of these communities.

4. Preserving Territorial Integrity: In the face of threats to Manipur's territorial integrity, the student bodies are determined to confront these challenges and defend the state's borders with unwavering accountability.

5. Fighting Drug Epidemic: Recognizing the urgent need to protect the future of the state, especially its youth, the students have pledged to unite against the growing drug and narco-chemical warfare issues that plague Manipur.

6. Challenging Security Forces and Terrorism: The students are resolved to stand as one against any unwarranted actions of security forces and any form of terrorist activities directed towards students and the people of Manipur.

7. Ensuring Uninterrupted Education: The students have committed to ensuring that educational institutions in Manipur provide quality human resources and capital knowledge for future generations. They vow to remove hindrances that might disrupt the learning process.

8. Promoting Economic Development: Assuming greater accountability for economic development in the state, the students pledge to work towards self-reliance, contributing to Manipur's growth and prosperity.

9. Unity and Integration: The student communities in Manipur have put aside any narrow-minded views and resolved to work collectively. Their aim is to implement the above resolutions for the betterment of Manipur, fostering unity and integration as they navigate the path towards a brighter future.

The "United Students' Convention" has brought to the forefront the commitment and solidarity of Manipur's student community in addressing crucial issues that affect the state's well-being. Their resolute pledge to protect Manipur's future and uphold its values serves as a beacon of hope and determination for the entire region.