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Assam Corruption Crackdown: Ex-SI Bhagyeswar Hazarika Convicted in Bribery Case

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Wednesday, November 22, 2023
Karbi Anglong
Assam Corruption Crackdown: Ex-SI Bhagyeswar Hazarika Convicted in Bribery Case
Former Police Officer Convicted for Bribery: A Blow to Corruption in Assam.
KARBI ANGLONG, ASSAM 22 November 2023: In a significant development today, Bhagyeswar Hazarika, a former Sub-Inspector (SI) at Bokalia PS, Karbi Anglong, has been found guilty by the Hon’ble Special Court under Section 7/13(2) of the Prevention of Corruption Act. This conviction stems from a case initiated by the Directorate of Vigilance and Anti-Corruption, Assam, where Hazarika was caught red-handed accepting a bribe during his tenure.

The court sentenced Hazarika to four years of rigorous imprisonment and imposed a fine of Rs. 8000/-. This verdict, part of ACB PS Case No. 3/2018 under Section 7/13(1)(d)/13(2) of the PC Act 1988, sends a strong message against corruption within the Assam police force.

The diligent efforts of Assampolice, combined with the swift action of CMOfficeAssam, showcase a commitment to upholding justice and maintaining integrity within law enforcement agencies. This conviction is not just about holding an individual accountable; it symbolizes a crucial step in the broader fight against corruption.

The incident underscores the importance of eradicating corruption to ensure a fair and just society. As a former SI(UB), Hazarika's betrayal of the public trust serves as a stern warning that such actions will not be tolerated. The verdict resonates as a call for continued vigilance to maintain transparency and trust in the law enforcement system.

The Assam police force's dedication to rooting out corruption reflects positively on the state's commitment to building a society where public officials are held to the highest standards of integrity. This conviction serves as a precedent, emphasizing that those who compromise the principles of justice will face the consequences of their actions.

As Assam takes a decisive stance against corruption, it sets an example for other regions to follow suit in the relentless pursuit of a corruption-free society.