Assam Government's Scooty Initiative Faces Fraudulent Calls, Education Minister Issues Warning

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Friday, November 24, 2023
Assam Government's Scooty Initiative Faces Fraudulent Calls, Education Minister Issues Warning
Education Minister Ranoj Pegu Warns Against Fraudulent Calls Targeting Scooty Beneficiaries
Guwahati, 24 November, 2023: In a commendable move to support education and empower students, Assam's Education Minister, Ranoj Pegu, announced the government's initiative to distribute Scooties to high-scoring students. On November 30th, the government will be providing Scooties to female students who achieved 60% and male students who scored 75% in their HS exams. This initiative aims to encourage academic excellence and facilitate easier transportation for deserving students.

However, amidst this positive development, Education Minister Ranoj Pegu took to social media platform X to alert students and parents about fraudulent calls targeting beneficiaries of the Assam Scooty initiative. Some individuals are making deceptive calls, claiming to represent the government and demanding money for Scooty registration and insurance through UPI.

Education Minister Pegu emphasized that the Assam government covers all costs associated with the Scooty distribution, including insurance and registration fees. He urged recipients of such calls not to make any payments and promptly report these incidents to nodal Principals.

Addressing the Fraudulent Calls

The fraudulent calls, attempting to exploit the excitement surrounding the Scooty distribution, have raised concerns among students and parents. The government's initiative, meant to alleviate the financial burden and enhance accessibility for students, is now under the shadow of these deceptive practices.

Education Minister Pegu, through his social media post, provided a clear directive on how to handle such fraudulent calls. The emphasis is on not making any payments and promptly reporting the incident to nodal Principals who can take necessary action.

Government's Commitment to Students

The Assam government's Scooty distribution program is a part of its commitment to supporting students in their educational journey. By providing Scooties to high-achieving students, the government aims to make transportation more convenient and promote educational excellence.

It's crucial for students and their families to be aware of potential scams and stay vigilant. The government's commitment to covering all associated costs ensures that students receive this benefit without any financial burden.

Social Media Alert

Education Minister Ranoj Pegu tagged key officials, including Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma and the official handle of the Higher Education Department in Assam, in his social media post. This strategic use of social media amplifies the message and ensures a wider reach, helping to create awareness and safeguard the interests of students.

As the distribution date approaches, it becomes imperative for the education department and authorities to monitor and address any further instances of fraudulent activity, ensuring that the genuine beneficiaries receive the Scooties without any hindrance.