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Diphu: Dr. Tuliram Ronghang Graces Dr. Banikanta Kakati Meritorious Award Ceremony: A Celebration of Academic Brilliance

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Thursday, November 30, 2023
Karbi Anglong
Diphu: Dr. Tuliram Ronghang Graces Dr. Banikanta Kakati Meritorious Award Ceremony: A Celebration of Academic Brilliance
Celebrating Academic Excellence: Dr. Tuliram Ronghang Attends Dr. Banikanta Kakati Meritorious Award Ceremony
Diphu, Assam - 30 November, 2023: In a momentous event, Chief Guest Dr. Tuliram Ronghang, CEM of Karbi Anglong, graced the ceremonial distribution of Dr. Banikanta Kakati Meritorious awards. The awards, comprising scooters and certificates of appreciation, were presented to exceptional students who excelled in the HSSLC Examination 2023.

The distinguished ceremony unfolded in the esteemed Rangsina Auditorium Hall at Diphu Govt College. Dr. Tuliram Ronghang shared the stage with notable figures, including Mr. Bidya Sing Engleng, Hon'ble MLA, Mr. Raju Tisso, Hon'ble Speaker, KAAC, Richard Tokbi, EM, I/C Education Department, alongside other EMS, MACS, DC, Karbi Anglong, and the deserving students.

Pragyan Bharati Scheme Impact:
Under the umbrella of the Pragyan Bharati Scheme, a total of 506 scooters were generously distributed during the ceremony. The recipients included 330 girls and 37 boys from Karbi Anglong, and 451 girls and 18 boys from West Karbi Anglong District. This initiative aimed to recognize and reward academic brilliance, with specific criteria set at 60% and above for girls and 75% and above for boys.

Acknowledgments and Appreciation:
Dr. Tuliram Ronghang extended heartfelt appreciation to the teachers, parents, and mentors who played indispensable roles in guiding the students towards a bright future. Their dedication and support were pivotal in shaping the success stories of these meritorious individuals.

Congratulations to Awardees:
As the ceremony unfolded, Dr. Ronghang congratulated the awardees, emphasizing their achievements as a testament to hard work and dedication. The event, marked by a spirit of celebration, highlighted the importance of recognizing and encouraging academic excellence in the region.

Community Involvement:
The presence of community leaders, educational authorities, and local representatives underscored the significance of collaborative efforts in promoting education. The event served as a platform to reinforce the commitment towards nurturing a culture of academic excellence in Karbi Anglong & West Karbi Anglong Districts.

In conclusion, the ceremonial distribution of the Dr. Banikanta Kakati Meritorious awards, led by CM Himanta Biswa Sarma, stands as a beacon of inspiration for the youth of the region. The collaboration between leaders, educators, and the community reflects a shared commitment to fostering a bright and educated future for the students of Karbi Anglong and West Karbi Anglong Districts. We extend our congratulations to the awardees and gratitude to all who contributed to this distinguished occasion.