Former ULFA(I) Member Palash Moran Surrenders, Taking a Step Towards Peace

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Friday, November 03, 2023
Former ULFA(I) Member Palash Moran Surrenders, Taking a Step Towards Peace
Palash Moran's Courageous Decision for a Peaceful Future
Tinsukia, Assam - November 3, 2023: In a significant development, an active member of the United Liberation Front of Asom (Independent) (ULFA-I) surrendered before Tinsukia police on the night of November 2, 2023. This event represents another crucial step in the ongoing process of former militants rejoining the mainstream, thereby contributing to the region's peace and stability.

The surrendered ULFA (I) member has been identified as Palash Moran, who is also known by the alias Gopal Asom. Palash Moran took the voluntary decision to abandon his militant activities and embrace a new life beyond the clutches of the insurgent group. This courageous step towards peace and reintegration is commendable.

Tinsukia's Additional Superintendent of Police, Bibhas Das, played a pivotal role in facilitating Palash Moran's surrender. Under his guidance and with the full support of the local police, the surrender process was executed smoothly, prioritizing the safety and well-being of the former ULFA member. This approach reflects the commitment of law enforcement authorities to encouraging former militants to reintegrate into society.

Palash Moran, originally from Nalni village in the Pengeri area of Tinsukia district, has chosen the path of peace and reconciliation. His decision to return to the civilian way of life is a testament to the effectiveness of government rehabilitation and reintegration programs. Over the years, these initiatives have successfully inspired many individuals to leave behind their militant affiliations and reintegrate into society, promoting regional stability and harmony.

This surrender not only underscores the efforts of law enforcement but also signifies the strength and resilience of individuals like Palash Moran, who, by choosing peace over conflict, contribute to a brighter and more peaceful future for Assam and its people.

In conclusion, Palash Moran's surrender is a significant step forward in the ongoing process of bringing former militants back into the mainstream. It showcases the collaborative efforts of law enforcement and government rehabilitation programs in ensuring a safer and more stable environment for the region.