Guwahati Boxer Allegedly Abducted in Nigeria: Family Seeks Urgent Assistance

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Wednesday, November 15, 2023
Guwahati Boxer Allegedly Abducted in Nigeria: Family Seeks Urgent Assistance
Kidnapped and Stranded: Guwahati Boxer Speaks Out About Ordeal in Foreign Land
Guwahati, Assam - 15 November, 2023: In a disturbing turn of events, Barnali Baurah Saikia, a female boxer hailing from Guwahati, is reported to have been abducted by miscreants in Nigeria. The incident unfolded after Barnali embarked on a holiday to Nigeria on October 28, during which communication with her family ceased for three days.

Upon finally reaching out to her family on the fourth day, Barnali revealed that a person named King had picked her up from the Nigerian airport and forcibly seized her visa and passport. In a statement to the media, the victim's daughter expressed concern, stating, "In the last few days, she has not been given food, and basically, she has been abducted."

According to the victim's daughter, Barnali had initially traveled to Lagos, Nigeria, on a 14-day visa starting October 28. The family, alarmed by the situation, promptly filed an FIR at the Dispur Police station. They disclosed that Barnali's return ticket, scheduled for October 13 at 10:45 PM, was obstructed by King, who allegedly prevented her from reaching the airport.

It is noteworthy that King, the individual accused of involvement in the abduction, had become acquainted with Barnali Baurah Saikia's family six months prior in Guwahati. In a bid to expedite her safe return, the family has sought additional assistance from the Delhi crime branch.

The matter remains under investigation, with authorities working to ensure Barnali's well-being and safe return to her family in Guwahati.