Kangpokpi District Gripped by Agony: Two Kuki-Zo Individuals, Including IRB Personnel, Fall Victim to VBIGs' Aggression

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Monday, November 20, 2023
Kangpokpi District Gripped by Agony: Two Kuki-Zo Individuals, Including IRB Personnel, Fall Victim to VBIGs' Aggression
Unrest Peaks in Manipur as Valley-Based Insurgent Groups Claim Lives in Second Ambush
Kangpokpi, Manipur - 20 November, 2023: In a tragic turn of events on November 20, Manipur witnessed a devastating incident as the Valley-Based Insurgent Groups (VBIGs) executed a second ambush in Kangpokpi district, resulting in the loss of two lives, including an Indian Reserve Police personnel. Thangminlun Hangshing and Henminlen Vaiphei, both Kuki-Zo individuals, fell victim to the aggression in the Kangchup area, which had previously experienced an attack on September 12 claiming three lives.

In response to the brutal attack, the Committee on Tribal Unity, Sadar Hills Kangpokpi (CoTU), declared an emergency shutdown in Kangpokpi district. This enforcement led to the closure of businesses and shops, with restricted vehicle movement for the next 48 hours to mourn the lives lost and assess the deteriorating situation.

The bodies of the victims underwent post-mortem examinations at Motbung Primary Health Center, followed by a condolence ceremony at Motbung Community Hall. Hundreds of Kuki-Zo people gathered at Gamgiphai to pay their respects, offering a gun salute through Kuki-Zo volunteers before the burial at the Martyr's Cemetery in Phaijang village, Kangpokpi district.

Thangtinlen Haokip, CoTU's Information and Publicity Secretary, condemned the attack as "shameful and barbaric," highlighting the aggressive stance of Meitei militants on Kuki-Zo territory. Haokip urged immediate intervention from the Central Government, calling for the involvement of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in the investigation to seek justice for the victims.

In a press statement, Haokip emphasized the need for proactive measures by the Central Government to apprehend those responsible for the attack, ensuring the safety of the Kuki-Zo community. The emergency meeting convened by CoTU underscored a demand for separation from Manipur, citing concerns about the safety of Kuki-Zo people under the current administration. The group urged the Union Home Ministry to recognize the continuous attacks, emphasizing political separation as the only viable solution.

The emergency shutdown brought business activities to a standstill, impacting vehicular movement along National Highways 2 and 37 in Kangpokpi district. CoTU's indefinite economic blockade, initiated on November 16, continues, further complicating the situation as the community awaits a swift and effective response from the Central Government.