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Karbi Feature Film 'Mirbeen' Nominated for Golden Peacock at 54th IFFI

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Saturday, November 25, 2023
Karbi Anglong
Karbi Feature Film 'Mirbeen' Nominated for Golden Peacock at 54th IFFI
Global Recognition: Karbi Film 'Mirbeen' Stands Out Among 15 Competitors for Esteemed Award
Goa, 25 November, 2023: In a groundbreaking moment for Karbi cinema, the film 'Mirbeen' has secured a coveted nomination for the Golden Peacock Award at the 54th International Film Festival of India (IFFI). Directed by Mridul Gupta and produced by Dhaniram Tisso, 'Mirbeen' emerges as a distinguished representative, marking a significant stride for Karbi cinema on the global stage.

The narrative of 'Mirbeen' delves into the heart of Karbi culture, weaving a compelling story of dreams, conflicts, and resilience. Mirbeen, influenced by her grandmother's tales of Serdihun (the God of textiles in Karbi tribal beliefs), embarks on a profound journey to give purpose to her life. Against the backdrop of fratricidal clashes and ethnic conflicts in 2005, Mirbeen's pursuit transforms into a perilous odyssey.

Among the diverse entries in the feature film category at the 54th IFFI, 'Mirbeen' proudly stands alongside outstanding films from various genres and cultural practices globally. Competing for the prestigious Golden Peacock Award, 'Mirbeen' shares the stage with notable entries like 'Sanaa' and 'Kantara' from India, and international titles such as 'Woman Of,' 'The Other Widow,' 'The Party of Fools,' 'Measures Of Men,' 'Lubo,' 'Hoffman's Fairy Tales,' 'Endless Borders,' 'Die Before Death,' 'Bosnian Pot,' 'Blaga’s Lessons,' 'Asog,' 'Andragogy,' and 'Kantara.'

This nomination not only celebrates the cinematic brilliance of 'Mirbeen' but also places Karbi cinema on the map of global recognition. The film's exploration of Karbi tribal beliefs and its narrative depth make it a standout contender among the 15 remarkable movies in contention.

As the 54th IFFI unfolds, the anticipation for the announcement of the Golden Peacock Award intensifies, offering a moment of pride for Karbi cinema and its burgeoning industry.