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Meghalaya Adopts NCERT Books for Classes 1 to 10, Prioritizing Local Culture

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Saturday, November 18, 2023
Meghalaya Adopts NCERT Books for Classes 1 to 10, Prioritizing Local Culture
Meghalaya Cabinet Initiates Educational Overhaul and Administrative Restructuring
Shillong, November 18, 2023: In a strategic move to enhance the quality of education and streamline administrative processes, the Meghalaya Cabinet announced a series of decisions during its session today.

NCERT Books Integration:
The Cabinet has resolved to integrate NCERT books into Meghalaya Board of School Education (MBoSE) curriculum for classes 1 to 10. Emphasizing the preservation of local culture, history, and uniqueness, the decision aims to bring Meghalaya's education standards in alignment with the national level. Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma highlighted the need for concise textbooks to enhance students' efficiency in a bid to compete at the national level.

Education Recruitment Board:
In a bid to expedite the recruitment process, the Cabinet approved the formation of an Education Recruitment Board. Comprising 11 members, the board will be led by the additional chief secretary or the principal secretary of the education department, addressing the urgency of filling 187 vacancies in the education sector.

Amendment to Fiscal Responsibility Act:
The Meghalaya Cabinet has taken a progressive step by amending the Meghalaya Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act 2006. Chief Minister Sangma explained that, in line with ongoing power reforms, there will be a 0.5% increase in the budget borrowing allowed, indicating a strategic financial move to accommodate reforms.

Departmental Restructuring:
Acknowledging the multifaceted role of the Labour Department, the Cabinet has decided to rename it as the Department of Labour, Employment, and Skill Development. This rebranding reflects the broader scope of the department, encompassing not only labor-related matters but also various aspects of employment and skill development.

These decisions mark a significant stride towards educational advancement, administrative efficiency, and aligning Meghalaya with contemporary national standards.