Mizoram: 39 Myanmar Army Personnel Detained for Illegal Border Crossing

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Tuesday, November 14, 2023
Mizoram: 39 Myanmar Army Personnel Detained for Illegal Border Crossing
Tensions Escalate at Mizoram-Myanmar Border as People's Defence Force Clashes with Myanmar Army
Mizoram, 14 November, 2023: In a dramatic turn of events at the Mizoram-Myanmar border, at least 39 Myanmar Army personnel have been remanded in Zokhawthar Police Station for illegally crossing into Mizoram. The incident unfolded when these military personnel were chased down by the People's Defence Force (PDF), resulting in a clash that saw the PDF taking control of two Myanmar Army camps.

Local sources on the ground reported that approximately 60 army personnel were present in each of the Myanmar Army camps. Shockingly, there are emerging reports suggesting that the PDF successfully neutralized a significant number of Myanmar Army personnel during the confrontation.

Despite facing aerial retaliation with jet fighters and helicopters from the Myanmar Army, the PDF fighters demonstrated resilience and managed to seize control of the camps situated along the Mizoram border.

The aftermath of the clash has put a strain on the local communities, leading to a humanitarian response from the Young Mizo Association (YMA). The YMA has been actively involved in providing support to refugees and those injured in the exchange of gunfire. Notably, the YMA sub-headquarters in Champhai stepped up by generously donating 42 units of blood to aid the injured individuals.

As the situation unfolds, Champhai District Hospital received 21 injured individuals, including civilians, with one unfortunate fatality occurring en route from Zokhawthar to the hospital. Eight seriously injured persons have been referred to Aizawl for advanced medical treatment. Already, five individuals have reached Aizawl, and three more are en route. Trinity Hospital and Ebenezer Hospital in Aizawl are now attending to these cases, with the Central Young Mizo Association's leaders providing support upon their arrival.

The Mizoram border incident highlights the complex challenges in the region, necessitating a delicate balance between security measures and humanitarian efforts. The evolving situation will undoubtedly continue to garner attention, and local organizations like the YMA play a crucial role in mitigating the impact on affected communities.