Mumbai and Assam Police Collaborate in Major Cybercrime Crackdown

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Thursday, November 09, 2023
Mumbai and Assam Police Collaborate in Major Cybercrime Crackdown
Two individuals apprehended in a joint operation, marking a significant step in the fight against cyber threats.
Morigaon, Assam - November 09, 2023: In a unified effort to combat the surge in cybercrime nationwide, the Mumbai Crime Branch collaborated with the Assam Police in executing a sweeping raid across multiple locations in Moirabari on November 9.

The joint operation, led by Mumbai and Assam Police, resulted in the identification and arrest of two individuals—Ahiya Ahmed of Moirabari Tantikata ground and Anjarul Haque of Leruamukh Bulgari. The arrests were made under Mumbai Cyber Case No. 95/23 US 419/420/467/471 IPC, R/W Sec. 66(C)/66(D), with both convicts facing charges under the IT Act.

The Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) of Morigaon addressed the media, stating, "We have intensified our crackdown on cybercriminals over the past 10 months, recently arresting one individual and seizing over 100 fake SIM cards."

Highlighting the collaborative effort, the police revealed that Mumbai authorities had reached out to the Assam Police to apprehend culprits based on cases filed by victims. Notably, on November 8, two individuals—Saqlin Mushtaq of Dhing village in Juria and Abdur Rahman of Batmari—were identified and arrested by Mumbai police.

During the operations, law enforcement recovered incriminating documents and materials used in cybercrime. The Mumbai crime branch team is actively pursuing additional suspects in Nagaon district linked to cybercriminal activities.

This joint initiative reflects a growing commitment to tackling cyber threats, emphasizing the need for collaborative efforts among law enforcement agencies to curb the rising tide of cybercrime in the country.