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NEHU Shines in QS Asia Rankings: 2nd Place Triumph for Teacher-Student Ratio

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Friday, November 10, 2023
NEHU Shines in QS Asia Rankings: 2nd Place Triumph for Teacher-Student Ratio
NEHU Shines Bright in QS World University Rankings for Teacher-Student Ratio.
MEGHALAYA, 10 November 2023: In a significant milestone, North Eastern Hill University (NEHU) in Shillong has clinched the 2nd spot in the renowned QS World University Rankings: Asia, particularly excelling in the teacher-student ratio category.

This achievement highlights NEHU's commitment to fostering an environment conducive to quality education. The university's dedication to maintaining a balanced and effective ratio between teachers and students has not only been recognized locally but also on a global scale.

The QS World University Rankings are highly esteemed, making NEHU's achievement a matter of pride for Meghalaya and the entire North East region. This recognition is a testament to the university's continuous efforts to provide students with personalized attention and a supportive learning atmosphere.

NEHU's accomplishment underscores the importance of a healthy teacher-student ratio in enhancing the overall educational experience. With a focus on individualized mentorship, NEHU aims to nurture students, enabling them to reach their full potential.

As NEHU basks in the glory of this achievement, it sets a benchmark for other institutions to prioritize and invest in maintaining an optimal teacher-student ratio. This not only contributes to academic excellence but also ensures a holistic development of students.

NEHU's rise to the 2nd position in the QS World University Rankings for the teacher-student ratio is a moment of celebration for Meghalaya and a recognition of the university's commitment to providing quality education. This accomplishment resonates not only within the academic community but also among students and parents who value a well-rounded educational experience.