Assam CM Addresses ULFA-I Encounters, Calls for Paresh Baruah's Return

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Monday, December 25, 2023
Assam CM Addresses ULFA-I Encounters, Calls for Paresh Baruah's Return
The Path to Peace: Chief Minister Sarma's Vision for Resolving ULFA-I Encounters
Jagiroad, Assam - 25 December, 23: In response to recent encounters linked to ULFA-Independent in Upper Assam, Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma expressed his belief that resolution hinges on the return of ULFA-I commander-in-chief Paresh Baruah to the mainstream.

Speaking at a media briefing in Jagiroad, CM Sarma acknowledged ongoing incidents of individuals joining ULFA-I and police encounters, asserting that such occurrences will persist until Baruah joins the peace process.

"These issues will persist until Paresh Baruah returns to the mainstream. Once he returns, all issues will be resolved," stated CM Sarma. His comments follow two ULFA-I related encounters in Tinsukia and Sivasagar districts.

In the Sivasagar incident, police fired on a youth suspected of ULFA-I links in Geleki. Tinsukia witnessed another police firing in Sadiya, where three youths were injured on suspicion of attempting to join ULFA-I on December 24.

Responding to questions about the authenticity of the Tinsukia encounter, CM Sarma asserted that if ULFA disputes its legitimacy, the government would form a judicial commission. He challenged Paresh Baruah to testify before the commission, emphasizing that Baruah's return would resolve issues.

"If Paresh Baruah says it's a fake encounter, then I will have to form a judicial commission. Paresh Baruah will have to come here and testify. Once he returns, all issues will be resolved," emphasized CM Sarma.

Addressing security concerns in Upper Assam, especially Tinsukia, CM Sarma dismissed serious threats, stating that daily activities proceed normally. He highlighted the contrast between Tinsukia and Guwahati, noting a different situation in the former.

The recent encounters occurred amid tensions between ULFA-I and Assam DGP GP Singh. ULFA-I denied connections with individuals arrested on suspicion of links to the group. DGP Singh reaffirmed the police's commitment to residents' safety, warning against support for 'terrorist outfits.' The verbal exchange reflects the complex security landscape in the region.