Assam Police Crackdown: Five Constables Suspended for Alleged Areca Nut Smuggling Nexus

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Tuesday, December 12, 2023
Assam Police Crackdown: Five Constables Suspended for Alleged Areca Nut Smuggling Nexus
High-Stakes Pursuit: Officer-in-Charge Intercepted Smugglers After Unlawful Toll Gate Passage
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Assam, 12 December, 23: In a significant development, five Assam Police personnel have been suspended due to their suspected involvement in facilitating areca nut smuggling activities in the Cachar district. The action comes as part of a crackdown on corruption within the police force, revealing a concerning nexus between law enforcement and smugglers.

Cachar Superintendent of Police, Numal Mahatta, took swift action by suspending five constables who were allegedly complicit in allowing the unhindered passage of smuggled areca nuts through the Digorkhal check-post. This check-post is situated along the Assam-Meghalaya inter-state border, making it a crucial point for monitoring and preventing illegal activities.

According to a district police officer, the suspended policemen were stationed at the Gumrah Police Investigation Centre, which operates in close proximity to the inter-state border. Their alleged involvement surfaced when a truck, owned by two suspected smugglers, successfully passed through the Shibnagar toll gate with the assistance of these police personnel.

The Officer-in-Charge of Gumrah Police Station promptly reacted, pursuing the truck and intercepting it near the Meghalaya border. During the operation, the driver was apprehended, leading the police to the smugglers. Both individuals were arrested on Saturday night, and an attempt to escape custody resulted in one of the smugglers sustaining injuries from police gunfire.

Subsequent investigations and interrogations revealed that the truck's passage was facilitated by the suspended police personnel. The constables were arrested on the same night and taken to the Silchar Police Station. They were officially suspended on Sunday in accordance with established norms.

A significant development in the case was the seizure of Rs 1.48 lakh from the arrested policemen, further exposing the alleged involvement of bribery. Additional SP Subrata Sen confirmed that the cash was given to the constables as a bribe, raising serious concerns about corruption within the police force.

The situation took a turn for the worse when it was disclosed that one of the police constables sustained serious injuries during the operation to apprehend the smugglers. The injured constable is currently receiving treatment at the Silchar Medical College and Hospital.

This incident underscores the challenges faced in maintaining the integrity of law enforcement and the urgent need for thorough investigations to root out corruption within the system. The Assam Police's decisive action sends a clear message that any involvement in illegal activities will not be tolerated, and those responsible will be held accountable.