CBI Files Charge Sheet Against Nine in Connection with Naga Woman's Killing Amidst Manipur Ethnic Clashes

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Sunday, December 10, 2023
CBI Files Charge Sheet Against Nine in Connection with Naga Woman's Killing Amidst Manipur Ethnic Clashes
Ongoing Probe: CBI Investigates 27 Cases, Prioritizing 19 Crimes Against Women Amidst Ethnic Strife
Imphal, Manipur- 10 December, 23: In a significant development, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has filed a charge sheet against nine individuals linked to the heinous killing of a 55-year-old Naga woman in Keibi village, Manipur, during ethnic clashes on July 15. The Manipur police had previously arrested nine suspects, including five women, in connection with the murder.

The charge sheet was presented before a special CBI court in Guwahati. To protect the sensitivity of the case, the agency refrained from disclosing the identities of the accused. This move aims to ensure a fair and unbiased legal process.

The Naga woman's murder unfolded in Keibi village, Imphal East district, amid the ethnic strife that has plagued Manipur. The Manipur police, in their initial investigation, apprehended the suspects, recovering arms, ammunition, and a vehicle from their possession. Subsequently, the CBI took over the case at the request of the Manipur government, highlighting the severity and complexity of the situation.

The incident, which occurred around 12:10 pm on July 15, involved the forceful detention of a female by a mob of approximately 100 individuals, including armed miscreants, at Sawombung Gate. The victim was then forcibly abducted in a car, and her lifeless body was discovered later that day. The CBI spokesperson stated, "Further investigation continues, including identifying other accused involved in the case."

The CBI is actively engaged in investigating 27 cases related to ethnic clashes in Manipur, with a significant focus on 19 cases involving crimes against women. To bolster their efforts, a dedicated Special Investigation Team (SIT) comprising 83 officers, senior psychiatrists, and forensic experts has been assembled. This team is exclusively dedicated to the Manipur probe, underscoring the agency's commitment to unraveling the complexities surrounding ethnic conflicts.

Since the eruption of ethnic clashes on May 3, leading to tensions between the numerically dominant Meitei and tribal Kuki communities, Manipur has witnessed a staggering toll. At least 181 lives have been lost, and close to 50,000 individuals have been displaced, highlighting the urgency and gravity of the situation. The CBI's thorough investigation aims to bring justice to the victims and address the deep-rooted issues contributing to the unrest in the region.